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Earn money from your land: rent us your land for a wind turbine.

For landowners who would like to earn some money from a relatively small plot of land, without the costs of owning your own wind turbine, we offer a land rental option.

We are actively seeking sites to install small-medium scale wind turbines

Unlike solar farms, medium scale wind turbine developments require minimal land use so you can continue to use your land for its current use.  We only require access for maintenance work.


What Sites Are We Looking For?

The following information is provided for guidance to allow for initial scoping.


500kW Wind Turbine 60kW & 100kW Wind Turbine
Minimum distance from properties or garden areas 500m 330m
Maximum distance to 3-phase 11kVA supply 2000m 1000m
Minimum distance from hedgerows 60m 60m
Minimum wind speed 6.5m/s @ 45m 7.0/s @ 25m
  • Site must not be in a conservation area, world heritage site or AONB
  • You must own the land


The Process – 500kW Sites

Timescales are provided as an indication only.

  • Feasibility (1 month)

Initial contact with Capture – we  investigate wind speed, grid connection and pre-application planning advice.

  • Option agreement (1 month)

If we believe your site is suitable we will provide you with an option agreement.  The option agreement period will be for 2 years (subject to extension) to allow us to develop a wind turbine at the site.

  • Planning (9-24 months)

We will submit a planning application following the signing of the option agreements.

  • Land Rental Contract & Legals (1-3 months)

Following successful planning approval both parties will sign the land rental contract.

  • Project Delivery (3-18 months)

After the land rental contract has been signed we will install the turbine(s).

  • Operation

Rental payments will be made every 3 months following commissioning. It is expected that operational life will be 20 years.  We find that providing a rental income in the form of a % of revenue generated by the wind turbine to be the preferred payment method.