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Wind Turbine Installation

As an experienced installer we carry out wind turbine installations for our own customers. Our ability is recognised within the small-medium scale wind turbine industry and we are used as subcontracted installers for a number of national wind turbine suppliers.

Wind Turbine Installation Service Scotland Wales Cornwall Devon England

Watch a Northern Power 100kW wind turbine installation

Our Service

Our installations team provide complete installation for Northern Power wind turbines. We also have experience of installing Endurance and Kingspan.

We carry out service and maintenance on these wind turbines [see servicing].

We have wind turbine installation teams covering:

  • England,
  • Wales,
  • Scotland.

Most of our customers require a turn-key solution.  We therefore provide the following installation services:

  • Turbine foundations & trenching installation
  • Installation of tracks & roadways
  • Laying of cables
  • Turbine erection (mechanical)
  • Turbine electrical installation
  • G59 relay testing
  • Commissioning

We employ a team of qualified and experienced climbers who carry the specialist wind turbine climbing/working at heights and rescue qualification.

 Our experience

  • Accredited installers for Northern Power wind turbines.
  • A number of other national wind turbine installers subcontract installations to us.
  • One of the most experienced Northern Power installers and developers, with 23 Northern Power wind turbines installed to date.
  • In November 2012 alone we installed 2 x Northern Power 100kW, 4 x Endurance 55kW and 1 x Kingspan 5.2kW wind turbines, from Lands End to Glasgow.
  • We installed our first wind turbine in 2008.