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The EMMA controller is used in the following situations:

  • To maximise the return from a wind turbine by allowing excess electricity to be used usefully within the property.
  • Where grid connection costs are high, or there is a limit on export capacity, the EMMA controller can be set to only allow power to be exported up to the level set by the District Network Operator (DNO).


What is EMMA?

EMMA is an intelligent controller that monitors in real time what you are consuming in the property and producing from your generator.  When you are producing more energy than is currently required, rather than exporting this electricity, EMMA will ensure that this excess generation is used for something useful in the property.  This could be amongst other things; heating hot water, electric underfloor heating or electric AGA.

In situations where the district network operator would charge a high grid upgrade cost before an installation can take place, the EMMA GVS version can be used instead.  The EMMA GVS unit will limit the amount of energy that can be exported to a level set by the DNO, preventing costly grid upgrades.  In order to be able to claim the Feed in Tariff, Ofgem require that the energy which EMMA diverts from being export is used for a useful purpose (e.g. heating within a property), it cannot simply be ‘dumped to atmosphere’.


Our Service

We are an approved supplier and installer of the EMMA controller.  In situations where the EMMA control may be useful we will suggest this device as an optional extra.  If grid connection costs are high, and you have a suitable demand for energy at the site, we will discuss the use of an EMMA unit as an alternative connection arrangement.  We can then present you with the cost options for either the grid upgrade, or the EMMA controller to facilitate the installation of your wind turbine.


Our Experience

  • We installed the first EMMA GVS version on a Western Power Network in March 2011 in conjunction with a Kingspan KW6 wind turbine and PV system.  Excess electricity produced from the turbine is diverted into the homeowners existing thermal store.  Heat is then used from the thermal store for hot water and radiators.  As well as maximising the on-site consumption of electricity, and minimising the use of oil required for central heating, the EMMA GVS device cost less to install than the necessary grid connection upgrade required by Western Power.
  • Our largest EMMA unit is a 45kW EMMA controller installed in Aberdeenshire, Scotland in conjunction with an Endurance 55kW wind turbine.  Excess electricity is used to provide support to night storage heating within a large property.