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Grid Connection

Capture offer grid connected wind turbine installations. Early on in the process, before a planning application is submitted, your District Network Operator (DNO) must be contacted to ensure the size of wind turbine you desire can be connected at your location on the network.


A grid connection contract is not the same as a metering contract.  See [metering page] for further information on export metering.

Grid Connection Requirements

Different sized turbines have their own connection requirements.

Single-Phase Connections

Kingspan KW6


Three-Phase Connections

Endurance 55kW

Northern Power 60kW

Northern Power 100kW




In most instances a grid connection upgrade will be required.  For instance, if there is a three-phase supply already at your farm, a 100kW turbine may require a new, larger transformer.  The contract for the connection upgrade is directly between the turbine owner and the DNO.


Ideally, if you require a three-phase connection, three-phase should be available on your own land (even if you only have a single phase meter at present).  If this is not the case, then the three-phase supply will have to be brought across neighbouring land which will require wayleave agreements being signed by other landowners to allow cables to your site which can cause problems.


Grid Connection Issues

In situations where the DNO imposes a maximum cap on the peak power that can be exported an EMMA controller will be required.  The EMMA controller is approved for use by the majority of network operators and can be set to ensure your turbine does not export more than the peak power allowed.  Excess electricity is diverted to uses within the property, or to a heat dump.  See our pages on [EMMA] for further information.


Our Service

Our in-house team will submit a grid connection application for your chosen turbine as part of the screening and feasibility process.  Different network operators cover different areas of the country [see DNO map] and we will make contact and submit the relevant details for your particular turbine and site location.


In addition to a suitable grid connection, suitable metering is required.  Capture can undertake certain elements of the metering process; however for some elements a licensed metering supplier is required.  Please see [metering] for more information.


We carry out G59 relay testing on all turbine installations where this is required by the DNO.



Our Experience


  • We installed the first EMMA GVS unit on a Western Power Network.
  • We carry out some DNO ‘contestable’ works, such as trenching.
  • We have submitted hundreds of grid connection applications throughout the UK.