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All wind turbines require metering to be installed. Metering is potentially required for the following three areas:

  • Import
  • Export
  • Total generation


Import Meter

This meter measures the amount of electricity consumed at the property.  It would also measure the amount of electricity consumed by the turbine.  All turbines consume a small amount of energy for inverters, control systems or for electro magnets.  You will pay an annual fee or standing charge for this meter.


Export Meter

This meter measures the amount of electricity that is exported from the site.  You will pay an annual fee or standing charge for this meter.


Total Generation Meter

This meter is installed by Capture as part of your installation.  It measures the total amount of electricity generated by your turbine.  This is the meter which is used to claim Feed in Tariff (FIT) payments.  You will purchase this meter outright with the turbine.


Existing or New Connection?

In some instances, the wind turbine generator is connected to an existing supply, where electricity generated is used within the property or business (usually the case for turbines under 50kW).  In other instances, the turbine is connected as a stand-alone installation, with 100% of the energy being produced exported.  Stand alone installations will require a new connection, with a new import meter and a new energy supplier.


Whos Who?

The world of metering can seem very complicated and there are various parties involved.  All parties need to be aware of each other in order for the supply to your site to be made live.  A live supply is required in order to commission the wind turbine.

  • District Network Operator  (DNO)

This organisation will provide the physical supply to your wind turbine.  They are not an ‘energy supply company’ who bill you or pay you for electricity used or produced.  You will need to enter into a grid connection contract with a DNO (even if there is no cost for grid connection upgrade).

  • Import/Export meter supplier

The DNO do not install import/export meters – but they require one to be in place before they will energise the supply to your turbine.  Some DNO’s have separate metering teams, but there are a number of sources for your import/export meter.

  • Energy Supplier

Your energy supplier is the company who you physically purchase energy from, and sell energy to (although they do not have to be the same company it makes things much simpler if they are).  We can provide details of some of the energy suppliers that specialise in purchasing energy from wind turbines.  Your energy supplier will also be the company that pays you your Feed in Tariff payments.


Turbines under 30kW

For wind turbines under 30kW in size, export metering is not mandatory, however can be installed.  Import metering is required.  For this size of turbine the amount of energy exported can be ‘deemed’ (i.e. estimated) by your energy supplier.  In this instance is it assumed that 50% of the energy generated is exported and you will be paid the minimum export price (4.77p/kWh) on this percentage.


Turbines over 30kW

For all wind turbines over 30kW in size, half-hourly import/export metering is mandatory.  You will be paid an amount (normally above the minimum export price – although this is a market variable) on the exact amount of energy you export.


Our Service

  • We will discuss with you the practicalities of either connecting to your property, or a stand-alone connection.
  • We install total generation meters (Feed in Tariff Meters) on all our wind turbines.
  • Only licenced meter suppliers are allowed to install import/export meters.  We can help facilitate this process.  Organising metering can be complicated because of the number of parties involved.  Whilst we can help you through this process, you will be required to sign and instruct the various contracts as the owner of the turbine.
  • We can install a GSM system to allow for remote reading of your meters via the internet.  This is useful if you are not resident at the turbine location.