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Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment

The very nature of wind turbines being tall moving structures inevitably results in some degree of landscape and visual impact.

Depending on the number and scale of turbines proposed some form of Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment will be required with the planning application. Capture Energy’s planning team holds GIS, photographic and Wind Farm software in house. We can provide individual ZTV (Zone of Theoretical Visibility) maps and photomontages should you require them separately from a planning application.

Prior to submitting a planning application some Parish Councils and/or neighbours may wish to see a ZTV and/or photomontages to see how views from their properties may be impacted by the wind turbine project. (Contact us for pricing).

When producing photomontages we will discuss the viewpoint locations with you, aside from nearby villages and protected or designated areas there will be areas of local importance which you will be able to highlight to us. Each wind turbine planning application is individual and unique to that site and Local Planning Authority. We want to ensure that the planning application we submit is well thought out and thorough.