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Site Suitability & Requirements

There are a number of criteria that your site will need to meet in order for us to install a turbine at your site, a few are listed below:

  • Hedgerows: All sites require bat surveys if a turbine is sited within 50m of a hedgerow.
  • Properties:  Most turbines should be sited in excess of 330m from a neighbouring dwelling or garden. Larger turbines (in the 250kW – 500kW bracket) would require an offset in the region of 500m.
  • Designated Areas: Turbine development is restricted within designated areas such as National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Sites of Special Scientific Interest.
  • Access: For turbines 55kW and over, suitable access is required for 40ft articulated lorries / trucks and 50 – 100 tonne cranes.
  • Radar and Communication : Early on in the process we will assess the potential for interference and objections from the MOD, NATs, nearby airports and microwave communication link operators in the surrounding area.
  • Grid Connection: We will liaise with your DNO at an early stage to ensure grid connection is possible and economical at the site.