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The Planning Process

Across the country the number of planning applications for wind turbines has been increasing rapidly. Due to the cumulative impact of increasing applications and installations, Local Planning Authorities are requiring more detailed applications. Capture Energy’s in house expertise have been submitting successful planning applications for a range of turbines across the country for the past three years. Each site will have different constraints and each parish / local council may require a different approach to a planning application.

Step 1

The planning process begins with an initial desktop study. If we feel that your site is suitable for wind turbine development and will meet locally and nationally known constraints we will visit your site to look at access, ground stability and turbine location. Once a location has been decided a full feasibility will be carried out, this will look at aviation (if necessary), predicted outputs and incomes. At this stage we will also carry out a pre-application request with the Council in order to find out what type of planning application would be required. [Grid Connection] will be applied for at this stage.

Once the initial feasibility and screening has been carried out, a full quote for the project development will be produced which we will talk through with you to work out whether a wind turbine is the most suitable and economical option for your site. This initial feasibility work helps minimise money spent by farmers upfront, developing sites that have significant issues or will never be economically viable. The initial screening and feasibility stage is not always necessary if you are going for a very small or domestic turbine such as the KW6.


Step 2

Once Step 1 is completed, we will begin to prepare the planning documents. As standard for planning applications for turbines of greater than 55kW we will prepare a thorough Design and Access Statement, independent noise assessment and Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment. In some circumstances we will also carry out bat surveys, ecology reports and historic environment reports (this will have been highlighted in Step 1). Capture Energy will act as the agent throughout the planning process. We will liaise directly with the Local Planning Authority on your behalf. During this stage we will work closely with you to build up a strong planning application for the project.