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Wind Turbines

We have a wealth of experience relating to the project development, installation and servicing of small – medium scale wind turbines throughout the UK. We can assist you through all stages of your project from initial site assessment through to commissioning and maintenance of your wind turbine. As an independent company, our own experienced team will strive to find the most suitable turbine for your site to ensure you maximise the potential available.

Northern Power Wind Turbine Installation

We develop sites and install turbines from 50 – 500kW.  Our team will assess all aspects of your proposal including grid connection, planning application, budget and financing.  We make the process from initial contract to turbine installation straightforward and manageable.

Our careful selection of manufacturers offers you an excellent choice of robust and efficient turbines suitable for the rigours of the UK climate.

A summary of the wind turbines we offer is given below.

More specific information about each turbine and their earning potential can be found on the specific turbine pages of this website.


Turbine Rated Output Tower Height Options Annual Estimated Output(at hub height)*
6m/s 7m/s
Northern Power 60 60kW 24m, 30m, 37m 200,000kWh 255,000kWh
Northern Power 100-21 100kW 24m, 30m, 37m 183,000kWh 260,000kWh
Northern Power 100-24 100kW 24m, 30m, 37m 210,000kWh 290,000kWh

For reference, the average domestic household consumes approximately 4,500kWh/year.

*based upon manufacturers data, provided as a rough guide only.


Our Service

We provide full planning and installation services for the turbines shown across the whole of the UK.


Our Experience

  • Accredited installers for Northern Power wind turbines.
  • A number of other national wind turbine installers subcontract installations to us.
  • One of the most experienced Northern Power installers and developers, with 23 Northern Power wind turbines installed to date.
  • In November 2012 alone we installed 2 x Northern Power 100kW, 4 x Endurance 55kW and 1 x Kingspan 5.2kW wind turbines, from Lands End to Glasgow.
  • We installed our first wind turbine in 2008.