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Northern Power (60kW)

Ideal For Landowners

Wind Turbine Northern Power 100 Scotland

Northern Power Systems have over 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing advanced, innovative wind turbines.  The company’s next generation wind turbine technology is based on a vastly simplified architecture that utilizes a unique combination of permanent magnet generators and direct-drive design.

The turbine is available as a class 3 turbine for low-medium wind speed sites.

 Turbine Features

  • Ideal for low-medium wind speed enviroments
  • Gearless direct drive technology maximises energy capture
  • State of the art power converter provides clean power to the local grid
  • Advanced blades use a unique aerodynamic design
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • 5 year parts & labour warranty
  • Proven track record with over 20 years worth operation.

 Technical Data

Rated Output (@ 11m/s) 60kW
Rotor diameter (m) 23m
Turbine type Upwind, variable speed, direct drive permanent magnet generator
Tower height options 224m, 30m, 37m
Colour White
Turbine certified class rating Class 3 (suitable for average wind speed up to 7.5m/s)
Cut-in speed 3.5m/s
Cut-out speed 25m/s

 Site Requirements

Grid Connection A three-phase supply is required.  Ideally three-phase will already be available at your property, or going over your land. A de-rated 50kW version is also avaliable when grid connection is an issue.
Wind Speed Class 3 wind turbine for average hub height wind speed of below 7.5m/s
Access Installation is usually carried out with 1 or 2 4 axle, all steer road going cranes.  The 37m tower requires a 110 tonne crane, and the 24m an 80 tonne crane.  Permanent roads or good quality tracks are required for access.

 This information is provided for general guidance purposes only.

Planning Requirements

Noise A separation distance of a minimum of 400m is normally required from the nearest non-financially involved property.  In areas of high background noise it may be possible to site this turbine closer.
Designated Land Areas If you are in a national park or AONB then this turbine may not be appropriate
Radar/MOD If you are within 30km of an airport or MOD base then radar screening will be required.

 This information is provided for general guidance purposes only.


The estimated annual production figures are provided for a range of wind speeds below.  Wind speeds are ‘hub height’ measurements.  We have access to a number of wind speed database models to provide a rough guide to the yield potential at your site.  Whilst it is always preferred to have actual wind speed data taken from the site, for this scale of turbine it would be unusual to record this data.  A mid-range compromise is for a met-office virtual met mast report to be produced detailing the modeled wind climate at your site.  We can provide you with this report for your site if you required.

5m/s 146,000kWh
5.5m/s 174,000kWh
6m/s 201,000kWh
6.5m/s 226,000kWh
7m/s 250,000kWh
7.5m/s 271,000kWh

 This information is based upon manufacturer’s data.  It is not a guarantee of performance.

FIT payments & Income

In this example it is assumed that all electricity produced by the turbine is exported.  If the turbine is connected to your property then rather than exporting, you will be offsetting some of your existing consumption.  This will reduce your payback.  The minimum export rate is 4.77p/kWh; however some PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) will pay more than this.

Feed in Tariff rate: 16p/kWh

Export Rate: 4.77p/kWh

Hub Height Wind Speed Feed in tariff Income Export Income TOTAL Income
5m/s  £23,360  £6,964  £30,324
5.5m/s  £27,840  £8,299  £36,139
6m/s  £32,160  £9,587  £41,747
6.5m/s  £36,160  £10,780  £46,940
7m/s  £40,000  £11,925  £51,925
7.5m/s  £43,360  £12,926  £56,286


A 5 year manufactures parts and labour warranty is provided with the turbine.  The warranty requires an annual service contract be taken out with the installer for the 5 year period.

Servicing & Maintenance

Servicing is required once a year or every 5000 operating hours (whichever occurs first).  We provide annual servicing on the Northern Power wind turbines.


Our Service

  •  We install Northern Power wind turbines across the UK
  • We submit planning applications for Northern Power wind turbines across the UK
  • We service Northern Power wind turbines across the UK

Our Experience

  •  View [our portfolio] to see example of our completed projects.
  • In 2012 we installed a total of 9 Northern Power wind turbines making Capture one of the most experienced Northern Power installers.