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About Us

Who Are Capture Energy?

Here at Capture Energy we are an independent call-forwarding service who solely concentrates on making communications simple. We are passionate about what we do and ensure that you’re placed to the appropriate call centre.

  • Save yourself time and hassle of contacting the customer service desk and being placed on hold
  • Find the experts you need and speak to the exact person you need without huge call waiting times
  • We help you discover different details with information on tariffs, how to switch and other answers to questions you may have
  • We help you reach a human that can speak to you directly rather than having to endure the tedious contact forms and lack of communication

Energy Companies and their Customer Service

The current state of energy communications is slowly distorting due to the lack of human contact, the ticketing system that many companies utilise means that issues often take over a week to be resolved.

Unfortunately we rarely have around the clock contact with humans and that’s something we come to expect when calling our energy supplier, but the truth of it is, they’re harder to get hold of than we often think.

That’s where our specialities come in handy, we connect thousands of customers to their energy company or others. If you are an existing customer or a new customer looking into the prospect of switching supplier, we can help you.

Getting in touch with your energy provider

We’ll find the particular number that you may need, so scroll through complaints numbers, support helplines, customer service and more. It’s something that should be so simple but that’s not always the case. We’ve worked hard on ensuring that getting in contact with your energy provider can be done with ease. Find the contact details you need for British Gas, SSE, EDF Energy and all the other major energy companies.

Getting Help

Getting technical support and help is just a phone call away and that’s the way it should be. We help you reach your energy provider, so if you are having issues or problems with your boiler, tariff or any other aspect of your gas and electricity find your energy provider here and contact the specific phone number.

We sort through numbers, meaning that when you look through various energy pages you can try to pick out the exact number you need and find help from the experts in the know.

How to Make a Complaint

Despite many providers trying their utmost to keep all customers in a sound mind, it’s often impossible. All companies will have their influx of complaints or issues. The great thing is you can usually get your problem solved right away, call their customer service number and tell them your concerns. If it isn’t resolved or you aren’t happy with the dealing of your issue then follow these steps to complain:

  1. Firstly, you can call their specific Complaints Phone Number and log a formal complaint to their team.
  2. Their staff will be trained and should offer a resolution immediately, if not then you should store the complaints reference and send a complaint in writing.
  3. You can find all of the e-mail addresses or postal addresses on each company’s page on our website.
  4. In the unlikely circumstance of still being unsatisfied you should get in touch with the Citizen’s Advice or energy ombudsman.

Benefits of Speaking to a Customer Service Rep

There are plenty of benefits to speaking to a customer service representative; it most certainly beats e-mail and other forms of communication. If you’re hoping to answer some of your questions then it’s nice to get instant answers from an expert. When speaking to the customer service team of your company they will forward you to any particular department that you need.

Some of the common reasons for calling your energy provider include:

  • Switching energy provider
  • General enquiries and having a general question answered
  • Billing information and details on your tariff
  • Changing the tariff you’re currently on
  • Making a complaint
  • Requesting a repair
  • Technical support