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Companies Using Renewable Energy

It may sound fairly strange on paper, but it is more common to find smaller energy firms and companies offering renewable power than bigger ones – fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources such as coal and oil are still very big business indeed.  However, more and...

Green Energy Companies

With fossil fuels few and far between and oil not only increasing in price but simultaneously destroying our planet it helps to know that today we can opt for environmentally conscious companies, not only that but we can also power our own energy with a number of ways...

Companies Using Solar Energy

Companies using solar energy throughout the UK do so in order to supply homes with power that runs out when the sun does – meaning that, should a firm offer 100% solar energy, their reserves will never run dry.

The Big Six Energy Companies

When looking for an energy supplier you’ll often hear people refer to ‘The Big Six’ and that’s because there are six main suppliers for energy in the UK. These companies are responsible for providing over 90% of Britain’s energy needs and are the biggest and oldest energy suppliers in the country.