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British Gas Contact Number – 0843 903 3137

Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge.

Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-6pm

The biggest energy company in the UK consists of numerous departments and that’s why our team separate the different contact numbers, ensuring that you can reach the specialist you need without any hassle. This huge electricity and gas business are part of the highly publicised Big Six, a group that consist of six huge energy companies and account for over 90% of all energy in Britain. If you are looking for the British Gas Contact Number you can call 0843 903 3137 Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 8am to 6pm.

The other suppliers who are part of the group are EDF, Npower, E.ON, Scottish Power and SSE. Alternatively known as Centrica, they are actually responsible for energy distributed globally, that’s because British Gas are a part of the Centrica group and were formerly known under that name in the UK.

With the company being monumental in size the best way to get in touch with their customer service team is to call the relevant telephone number, rather than wasting time on the general enquiries line you can phone the specific number that will cater to you. For example, new and existing customers will need to call separate numbers for their enquiries, find the best department to answer you questions and give them a call using the help of our call-forwarding service.

We are not affiliated with any of the companies here- our team of experts simply pick out the best numbers and helplines making it easy for all users like yourself to get in contact with the desk needed.

Who Are British Gas?

Call the British Gas Contact Number on 0843 903 3137If you’re a UK resident then it’s likely you already know who they are, from being an existing customer, former customer or you may have at least seen their adverts. They provide over 11 million homes with gas and around 5 million with electricity, so it goes without saying, they’re likely to get many different phone calls and e-mails, hence why it could save a lot of time and stress to find a particular phone number or try to resolve problems online.

This number one energy supplier was founded in 1972 as a corporation but they were officially reborn in 1986. They were privatised in 1997 and were then renamed from British Gas PLC to just British Gas. Employing over 30,000 employees, they have a number of trained staff members ready to answer to different calls, treating them case-by–case. The most effective way to handle this is to departmentalise each part of the business and make it easier for consumers to solve any potential issues. With that said, their most recent closure of the Oldbury Call Centre meant a loss of almost 1000 staff and it’s now more important than ever to find the correct British Gas telephone number.

British Gas Contact Numbers & Help Desks

Being such a huge business they receive a monumental amount of calls and enquiries, that’s why it might pay dividends to first check out their website, but once you have done that check out the phone numbers listed below. Rather than having to endure being put on hold you can get straight through to the correct department with the help of our call-forwarding service.

You can call any of the below British Gas Phone numbers Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm and on Saturday 8am – 6pm.

Department Contact Number
General Enquires 0800 048 0202
Account Enquires 0333 202 9802
Moving Home 0333 202 9802
Pay As You Go 0330 100 0303

Additional British Gas Telephone Numbers

  • British Gas automated payment line – 0333 202 9524
  • Smart Meter enquiries – 0800 048 0303
  • Business enquiries – 0800 107 3457
  • British Gas Textphone – 18001 0800 072 8626
  • Welsh Speakers – 0333 202 9630
  • Website Technical Support – 0800 048 0505
  • British Gas Hive – 0800 980 8614
  • Complaints – 0800 072 8632

Reasons to Call British Gas Customer Service – 0843 903 3137

There’s a vast number of callers on a daily basis and it’s likely that each phone call will vary in purpose, but we list some of the reasons you could be calling British Gas:

  • Talking about your current energy tariff
  • Finding a new tariff to suit your home
  • Discuss a repair, one off or otherwise
  • Boiler replacements or issues
  • Heating repairs and enquiries
  • Home insurance
  • Information specific for home owners and landlords
  • Smart meters
  • Energy saving
  • Renewable energy
  • How to Complain
  • Billing queries or details on your account

You can find the department and then give it a call but if you are still unsure then call the customer service general enquires desk and they can put you through to the correct member of the team. Simply call them on 0843 903 3137 and have your problems answered.

How to Join – 0333 202 9505

Although there’s a wealth of helplines and contact numbers for existing customers there’s also numbers for new customers or those entertaining the idea of joining the biggest energy company in Britain. If you are simply looking to find out more on British Gas prices and tariffs that they have then you can find more details on their website.

By clicking through to their Get A Quote page you can find out how much your deal will be, get a quote by entering your postcode, phone number and whether you’d like to join them for gas, electricity or both. You’ll then be asked details such as whether you live in a flat, if you have an E7 meter, if you have a smart meter and whether you prefer monthly direct debit, quarterly cash cheque or Pay As You Go.

The Smart Meter – 0800 048 0202

If you haven’t got one then you have probably asked yourself what a smart meter is and what’s the purpose. It’s a new gas and electricity meter that sends it’s readings digitally, this enables customers to keep an eye on the bill. They most certainly live up to their name providing a handheld device that can measure the real time usage and also ensure accurate bills. If you wish to ask more about these innovative computers that could essentially save you money on your energy costs then give them a call, if you are a new customer it’s best to call about tariffs and request information.


What is a standing charge?

A standing charge occurs when you join and it’s to cover the installation of the meter and connecting to the network. The bill varies depending on the standard charge, unit rate and energy usage.

How to close an account?

If you’re looking to close your account or leave the company then you will need to give them a call. Phone their cancellation number and tell them your reasons for leaving, it’s usually dealt with quite promptly unless you are tied into a contract. If it’s a complaint or problem you need resolving then it could be worth checking out our how to complain section below and approach that protocol.

How to make a payment?

If you wish to make a payment via the telephone then you can phone up and do so by calling 0843 903 3137, use our different numbers to judge which department to make the transaction with, you will be able to do this with ease and set up a standing order if needed.

Why was British Gas privatised?

During Margaret Thatcher’s reign in Britain, gas companies were privatised in the 80s and its shares were floated on the London Stock Market.

Who supplies British Gas?

Those wondering where our gas comes from, it’s usually from British Gas who cover most homes in the UK. But they’re supply comes from Centrica, the bigger group who own them and also distribute energy worldwide. Much of the gas has interconnections and even sources gas that is imported from Russia and other places in Europe.

Which is cheaper British Gas or SSE?

A question that can only result in a subjective answer that’s likely to be inaccurate, you can price up all your options by getting quotes online from the big six energy companies and also the independent energy suppliers. If you wish to find the finer details on tariffs and prices then you’ll be best served by their staff, call them and speak to somebody directly.

Can I change my gas & electric tariff?

Although dependent on your current tariff and contract, the answer is usually yes. It requires talking to their experts, so give them a call for instant answers and find out more. You can ask about other tariffs and change it to suit you.

Are British Gas part of the Big Six?

Yes, they are the largest energy supplier in the UK and are therefore a part of the big six too. The big six energy companies consist of EDF, Npower, E.ON, Scottish Power and SSE as well.

How do I get the cheapest deal?

A question that cannot be answered one way, what’s right for one person might not be for another. It’s important to look at the different energy tariffs and speak over the phone for advice. Their experts can tell you what’s likely to work best for you, all you need to tell them is the size of your home, and the usual cost, how you would like to pay and what type of tariff you’d like. There are plenty of different deals including Pay As You Go and more, the team will tell you what type of Energy tariff best suits you and your home.

How can I access my account?

The joys of the modern age means that we can easily log in to our online account and browse the latest bills, standing orders and personal details. If you wish to look over all of your details then log in and check out the settings.

Are British Gas Smart Meters compatible with other suppliers?

This depends on the type of meter you have opted for, if you wish to know more on these details then it’s best to speak to their personnel. This way they can advise you on which smart meter to purchase, if you have gone for SMETS1 then it’s unlikely that you can switch providers, if you ask for SMETS2 then you should be able to easily transfer to other suppliers.

How do gas cards work?

Some people prefer the card method, this Pay As You Go tariff enables you to monitor how much you are spending. The physical act of topping up a card works well for many customers but not all. The card is a simple method- you simply insert your card and when you run out of money, you top it up at the nearest shop or post office. You then return and enter the card, it will then switch all of your energy back on.

When do they send bills?

There’s no set date and not everybody is sent bills via post. If you feel as though you requested paper bills but haven’t received any for over a month, you should get hold of the contact number. Alternatively you can log in to your account and view your bill/statement, check the bill history, view the annual summary or even predict your next bill.

How to Make a Complaint – 0800 072 8632

Although this company aim to please all their customers, they have a process in place in case anybody feels that the service is inadequate. If you’re unhappy with the service then you can get in contact with the British Gas complaints phone number, this specialist department can answer to your enquires.

There’s numerous numbers and websites that can help depending on the problem, find the correct ombudsman or Citizen Advice page to help you with your issue, if you click here, you will find the complaints page. It has different resolutions for various departments including Pay as You Go, Energy, installation and home services.

How can you complain to British Gas? Simple follow these steps or call:

  • Locate the Complaints Page and read through all of their procedures
  • You can call them on one of their complaint telephone numbers
  • If it is not resolved then write via post or e-mail
  • If it is still not answered then get in touch with Citizen Advice
  • You can then complain via the Energy Ombudsman

Contact Details

If you’d rather send a message and have your enquiry in writing then it’s possible to get in touch via their Contact Us page, there’s no actual e-mail address listed but you can send it via this form. Fill in the details, what you need help with and your query.

Social Media

You can also stay updated with the latest news and offers with their social media accounts. It both doubles up as a newsfeed and a way to get in touch, you can message them via their Facebook or Twitter accounts. You will find a Merlin pass for days out, giveaways as well as other news. If you want to see useful videos from their YouTube then visit their channel and find out what smart meters are, how to be more efficient and other advice or tips.

British Gas App

Why not download their mobile app and submit your meter readings and monitor your energy consumption.



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British Gas Address

British Gas Customer Services,
PO Box 226,
S98 1PB,
United Kingdom.

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