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Bulb Energy Contact Number – 0843 903 4290

Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge.

Opening Times

Monday-Friday 9am-6pm

Those that wish to venture outside of the well known “Big Six” energy companies may want to check out Bulb Energy and their green energy source.

This fast-growing company pride themselves on providing a customer-focused service that many rivals cannot compete with. Their business model is based on providing 100% renewable energy at affordable prices.

This company has a customer services team based in London that are willing to answer any of your questions and also enlighten you on the positive impacts that an environmental friendly company have on the earth.

There is lots of information on the company’s tariffs, what they stand for and ways to sign-up, all on their website but existing and potential customers can get in touch for direct support by calling their telephone number.

The customer service desk will put customers in touch with the specific department that they require. At Capture Energy our team of professionals spend time compiling all of the relevant phone numbers, ways in which you can complain and other advice.

The phone lines are open between 9am and 6pm between Monday and Friday. Many like to speak to their team direct to have all questions answered but those that are customers can also manage their accounts from their phone, with requests on prices, tariffs and even online accounts all available via their helpline.

Their team are trained to be well-versed for every situation and enquiry, if they cannot answer then they’ll put you through to somebody who can. They also have a complaints phone number for those that need to call and make their concerns known, beforehand it’s possible to speak and reason with their team by merely providing feedback.

Call The Bulb Energy Contact Number Today on - 0843 903 4290

Bulb Energy Customer Services – 0300 303 0635

Calling Bulb Energy has been made simple- they have a main helpline number that can be contacted and the team on the desk will put the consumer through to the required personnel.

In many cases a lot of time can be saved from bypassing the front desk and connecting to the required personnel directly. This can be done from the numbers available here.

Those unsure on the department needed can call the customer service team and ask to be put through to the particular helpline that they need.

The Bulb customer services are available to answer any general enquiries and help those who are unsure who to contact. Both existing customers and those looking to switch to Bulb Energy can call their phone numbers for help.

There are numerous departments with a cancellation team, customer services, general enquiries, complaints desk and a new customers team that enable new sign-ups.

Bulb Energy also have a community page which is monitored 24 hours a day so if you have a non urgent query you can also leave a message on their board –

Switching to Bulb Energy

If you’re looking to switch to this energy provider then you’re probably making this decision based on their customer-focus, renewable energy and affordable prices. You can call their new customer phone number found on this page and enquire about various tariffs.

You can call with current information on your energy and usage, once you provide some details that are required their team can generate a quote within seconds. It’s very quick and they can also answer anything that you’re unsure of.

Reasons to Call

We list some of the many reasons to call their phone number although nobody is limited to just these reasons. Often people call them to switch energy, enquire about costs or inform the company about changes to address or other circumstances.

  • You’d like to switch to Bulb Energy
  • You are moving home and wish to move your supply
  • You need assistance managing your online account
  • You wish to know about their green energy policy and sources
  • You wish to change your tariff
  • To pay a bill
  • Make changes to personal details on the account
  • Issues with making payments
  • Need to make a complaint
  • Leaving feedback
  • You wish to cancel your account
  • You want to submit a meter reading

How to Cancel

One of the many reasons to call this company is to make a cancellation, existing customers that wish to switch energy can do so by simply calling and cancelling.

Despite many believing that cancelling your subscription is difficult, it’s actually simple especially when you call the cancellation department directly.

Contact the cancellation team, express why you are leaving and then work out what you owe or are owed before finalising the end of your policy.

How to Make a Complaint

Although Bulb has openly stated that they have a service that concentrates on customers wants and needs- there still comes a point where not everybody can be satisfied.

If you’re unhappy with the service and wish to make a complaint, you should first get in touch with the team on the customer desk and express any concerns, they will immediately try their best to rectify this.

If you’re not happy with the solution then you have the right to escalate matters further- you can do this by getting in contact with the official complaints team.

The best way to do this is to give them a call on their specific complaints phone number. They will then talk you through the process, if you are still unhappy then there are other ways to take your complaint further.

  1. Firstly you should get in contact with the complaints telephone number and they will talk your through the process and ways in which they can work with you on clearing up the concern.
  2. If you are still unhappy then it’s time to put it into writing, send an e-mail to [email protected] and outline the problem as well as previous dealings about this complaint whether through phone or e-mail.
  3. You can also escalate by writing to their headquarters, highlight your previous complaints and include the reference, then send your letter to:

Bulb Energy

68 Hanbury Street


E1 5JL

Include lots of detail so that upon inspection they can deal with your situation and answer as many questions as accurately as possible. Do not include any personal account details such banking information or sensitive passwords.

Green Energy at Bulb

All the energy that Bulb purchases is 100% renewable electricity and green gas from numerous independent and renewable generators across the country.  Green energy means that all energy is renewable and sustainable energy that is sourced from wind generators and solar power.


We’ve attempted to answer many of the common questions in order to help you avoid an unnecessary phone call.

How do I Join Bulb Energy?

It’s easy to join Bulb, you can surf their site and receive a bespoke quote between 30 seconds and 3 minutes or you can receive one ever quicker by telephone. Call up the joining team and they will be able to give you a quote. Once you have switched to this provider you will receive a welcome pack with everything you need to know.

How can I cancel?

They make it simple for you to leave ensuring that you’re never obliged, their contracts are no fixed term and this enables you to leave when you like. If you are switching then no action is required by you- simply begin with your new energy provider, your new company will notify Bulb and you will be contacted for any payments or refunds necessary.

How to complain?

We’ve outlined the best ways to escalate complaints above, if you wish to complain about their service call their specific phone number. You can also e-mail their help desk or contact them via post.

How to pay?

Those with billing enquiries or that wish to pay can easily do so via the telephone. They accept a number of payment methods including direct debit, debit cards, credit cards and one off payments. If you wish to make a payment as a one off, call their telephone line.

What happens if I have overpaid?

If you have set up a direct debit then you will credited the amount you have overpaid in your account-if that’s not the case you should receive a letter. Any queries about overpaying should be taken up with their billing specialists by calling them.

Why use Pay As You Go?

Some wonder why Pay As You Go is a viable option and what benefits it poses, you can track how much you using and manage your energy diligently. It’s a great way to save money and with the added luxury of smart meters you can check the usage down to a tee. You will only ever need to top up as much as you need.

What to do if I have a fault?

If you have a gas leak, turn off your meter if possible and call the National Gas Service Emergency Line on 0800 111 999.

If it’s not an emergency you can contact your provider and request an engineer to come out. Always take safety measures and contact the professionals if there are any faults or issues with your meter and gas supply.

Contact Bulb Energy on Social Media

Over the last few years we have seen many utility companies starting build a customer service reputation via Facebook / Twitter and Instagram. This is great for those who are tech savvy and feel more comfortable speaking to a customer service advisor via the web.

Thankfully Bulb Energy are contactable via FacebookTwitter and Instagram to answer any queries you may have, so if you prefer to send a message rather than call you can do.

Bulb Energy Refer a Friend Scheme

If you are happy with the service you receive you can refer a friend and get £50! They will also receive £50 off their bill. Its a WIN-WIN! If you are interested in finding out more you can do so here.

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