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Companies Using Renewable Energy

It may sound fairly strange on paper, but it is more common to find smaller energy firms and companies offering renewable power than bigger ones – fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources such as coal and oil are still very big business indeed.  However, more and more second-tier firms are breaking through, at least in the UK, to offer safe, renewable alternatives to coal and oil power which may not be around forever.

These companies using renewable energy will generally lead in with a ‘green tariff’ – meaning that they offer customers the opportunity to buy into an energy plan that is both ethical and economical.

We’ve taken the time to round up some of the most reliable renewable energy companies for you to take your time and to look into in more detail.  Each of these companies offers some form of dedication to renewable energy – be it wind power, hydroelectricity or solar power generation – meaning that each and every one of the names listed in our directory of renewable energy companies will go to great lengths to protect the environment as well as your bank balance.

You may be surprised in what you find if you shop around with smaller suppliers – and these are perhaps the most concerned about making sure energy supplied to UK homes remains renewable. If green energy is one of your leading priorities, it’s high time you found a likeminded, fair supplier.

Why Renewable Energy?

Why not?  While many may argue that coal and oil is more efficient – and that wind turbines make noise, and that solar panels are highly expensive to set up and keep maintained – the counter-argument is that renewable energy will still be around when gas and oil is fully exhausted – and when all the world’s coal has been mined.

This day may seem like a far way off – but the truth is unfortunately closer. Therefore, the firms we have listed here for you – along with their contact numbers – can be relied upon to continue providing reliable, efficient power on as clean and responsible a basis as possible. While some energy suppliers may not go completely green, simply offering a tariff at all is helping in the fight.  Our list of renewable energy companies below should help you to find an ethical and efficient power provider in no time.


How to Contact a Renewable Energy Company

The vast majority of energy firms – renewable energy-focused or otherwise – generally make it very easy for you to get in touch with them.  Much of the switching and sign-up process is conducted online nowadays, but there should always be contact numbers for renewable energy companies and more besides.

These may connect you to a main switchboard, or could get you in touch with a specific team – what we have done for you is round down the most important numbers for those that apply to our renewable energy companies list.  Therefore, you don’t have to waste time sitting in a queue to speak to an advisor, only to be transferred. Consider this guide as a cheat sheet of sorts!

Companies Providing Renewable Energy

From wind power to hydroelectricity and solar panels, there’s every reason you should consider going green to power your home – and you don’t have to set up anything dramatic yourself.  This means that switching over to a provider focused on renewable energy really is as simple as giving them a call – and we’ve rounded up all the telephone numbers you could possibly need, along with a guide to the most attractive firms on the market.

OVO Energy

OVO Energy are one of many second-tier energy suppliers in the UK who are directly competing with those suppliers who have become known as the ‘big six’.  OVO Energy has led in with responsible, renewable energy sourcing and supply for some time now – and as a result, they have courted just under 700,000 customers.  These customers, and you, can get in touch with the team via the OVO Energy contact number on 0843 903 2702 – which will put you through to the main switchboard.  Sterling customer service, flexible tariffs and more have helped make this firm uSwitch award winners – meaning they are certainly worth a close look.

Good Energy

Despite satisfying around 100,000 customers, the relatively small Good Energy has been a part of the UK energy landscape for almost 20 years – with the intention to create viable alternatives to fossil fuel energy tariffs.  Good Energy works with certified providers of wind, solar and green gas providers – meaning that they aim to have all bases covered when it comes to narrowing down the best sources for renewable fuel. They are big on wind farms, too – and anyone interested in making the switch to wind, biofuel or solar energy can call the Good Energy phone number on 0843 903 3146.


Ecotricity loves renewable energy – so much, that it even offers its customers the option to sign up for a ‘feed-in’ tariff.  This essentially allows homeowners to generate their own power from the comfort of their own homes – in the form of solar panels, wind farms or otherwise – which you can then effectively sell back to the national grid.  Ecotricity has been a leading name in renewable energy in the UK for over 20 years, and they are continuing to expand at a blistering rate. It’s safe to say that the best way to get involved with this inspiring network is to call the Ecotricity contact number on 0843 903 3135 to start switching over.


Ebico’s customers love their budget approach to energy supply – this is because they are strictly non-profit, which also means that they are able to supply affordable energy to homes that may not be able to afford regular gas and electricity from the big six.  Ebico are even keen to generate as much power as possible from renewable sources as they can – and while they do still generate 31% of their energy from coal and 3% from nuclear, a whopping 37% of their power is wholly renewable – a fantastic achievement for a firm that is otherwise focused on saving customers pennies!  You can call the Ebico helpline on 0843 903 3151 if you are interested in learning more or switching your supply.

Co-operative Energy

The Co-Operative is a brand and umbrella which is greatly concerned with ethics – making it no surprise that they are one of many non-big six suppliers to offer dedicated green tariffs.  Co-Operative Energy’s ‘Green and Cosy’ option offers 100% renewable energy – and while the supplier may dabble in standard fossil fuels and nuclear power elsewhere, the firm’s option for renewable energy at all will appeal to existing customers and those shopping around.  Call the Co-Operative Energy helpline number on 0843 903 3129 for more details from their dedicated team.


Bulb may be small, but their customer feedback makes them mighty – they’re upfront about renewable energy, allowing all would-be switchers to take a close look at their fuel mix breakdown well ahead of time.  Their tariffs are highly competitive, too, meaning that the glowing reviews they have received for customer service chime in well with their dedication to value for money. You can contact the Bulb telephone number (main switchboard) on 0300 303 0635.


Engie are big investors in fair fuel and they are largely concerned with providing a range of fixed and flexible tariffs which are based on a 100% renewable fuel mix.  They may not be the biggest name on the block when it comes to renewable energy, but they can at least assure nuclear-free supply across the board – and you can learn more about their growing enterprise by calling the Engie contact number on 0800 280 8000 to initiate the switch.

Getting in touch with a renewable energy provider

The smaller the firm, the harder to get through to an advisor – right?  Not always. While some of the firms we’ve listed here are far smaller than the expansive contact centres the big six tend to operate in, they still offer dedicated, passionate customer service – which can be relied upon to help facilitate your switching, billing and technical needs.  We’ve hunted down the most useful contact numbers for renewable energy companies that are well-established, fresh faces and otherwise.

Which is the best supplier for me?

The best green energy supplier for you will, of course, need to appeal directly to your needs and budget.  Therefore, all of the energy suppliers we’ve listed here offer assured renewable power, reliable customer service and, in some cases, award winning tariffs and support.

Many energy suppliers offer you the chance to manage your account completely online – but there should still be an easy option for you to call through and speak to a member of the team if you need to.

Therefore, we’ve made life that bit easier by finding you all the numbers you’ll ever need to call for each and every one of these ethical suppliers. Any questions – just dial them up and do ask away!