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Companies Using Solar Energy

Renewable energy is on the up and up – it should hardly be ignored – and one of the more efficient forms of energy generation and supply in force today – on the renewable side of things – is solar energy.

Companies using solar energy throughout the UK do so in order to supply homes with power that runs out when the sun does – meaning that, should a firm offer 100% solar energy, their reserves will never run dry.  Alongside hydro and wind power, it’s one of the most attractive options on the market for both second-tier energy suppliers and even private homeowners. Government legislation has enabled various homes to supply their own solar energy back to the grid – an ethical twist in the tale.

We’ve rounded up a list of the most reliable and celebrated solar energy providers in the country.  While the ‘big six’ are becoming more and more concerned with ethical power and the treatment of their customers and the environment, fossil fuels and gas sadly remains very lucrative – as does nuclear power.

Therefore, the aims of these renewable, solar-focused energy suppliers is to provide affordable and attractive alternatives to UK homes and businesses – so that they have a choice to move to a greener option within their budget – and without needing to worry about power cuts.  Some of the firms we’ve found are award winners – and we’ve also gone to the effort of finding you contact numbers for each and every one of them. Read on to learn more!

Solar Energy

Why Solar Energy?

Solar energy, on paper, is fantastic – and it is efficient and economical long term in practice.  The main drawback facing those setting up solar panels or generators lies in the fact that equipment setup can be a little on-the-nose – however, government granting has helped to cut private costs of home power generation significantly – and many of the solar energy companies we list also offer solar energy rates that account for the cost of setup while still generating savings for the end user.  This means, on the whole, solar energy rates are fairly competitive – meaning it can be somewhat baffling as to why more firms aren’t taking the plunge and setting up a generator or two.

Will Switching to Solar Save Money?

Ask the solar energy companies we’ve listed for you here – they are not only focused on driving down the need for fossil fuels and non-renewables, but also for transferring savings back to you, the homeowner.  This means that, on the whole, you can rely upon tariffs which directly compete with those based on non-renewable energy – with matching, if not better, rates expected of you. You should therefore take a good look at those suppliers offering solar energy rates – as well as those standard prices being offered by firms that fall under the ‘big six’.

Companies Offering Solar Power

The firms we list on this page are considered secondary tier – meaning that while they may not be amongst the biggest names in UK energy provision, they are at least in a good position to be able to source power from renewable opportunities.  Many provide energy sourced from wind, water and biofuel – but all are focused in some form or another on solar energy. Therefore, if you are keen to switch to an energy company which has a keen focus on using the sun to power your home, you can do worse than contact one of the suppliers we’ve listed for you below.


Solarplicity are a small, but fundamentally well-intentioned firm which focuses on providing sun-based energy to UK homes up and down the country.  Therefore, any tariff you take out with the team will be one which is guaranteed to help the environment. The Hertfordshire-based energy firm are just as focused on making sure the energy they provide is renewable and responsible as they are on providing transparent billing and tariff services.  Call the Solarplicity helpline on 0333 0044666 to learn more.

Green Star Energy

Green Star Energy, again, may not be the biggest firm on the market, but they at least ensure that 100% of the power they provide is clean, green, and economical for their customers.  The Milton Keynes supplier are one of many smaller firms providing green alternatives to fossil fuels and nuclear – and they are one of the fastest growing names that can be considered secondary to the big six.  Call the Green Star Energy contact number on 0800 013 4510 to learn about switching, billing and more.

OVO Energy

OVO Energy are one of the best-known secondary tier energy suppliers in the country, and as such they have been recognised for their dedication to green energy, customer care and more besides.  They’re an award winner, and with over 600,000 customers happy to let the supplier harness the sun’s rays to power their homes, these are numbers and facts that can hardly be disagreed with. See-through tariffs and super-clear billing help to bolster their appeal – and if you’re interested in making the switch, call the OVO Energy helpline on 0800 408 6610.

Good Energy

Good in name, good in nature – this relatively small but solar-focused supplier has been around for the good part of two decades – and while they have been quietly ticking away in the background, they have been responsible for providing new customers with affordable rates, bills and tariffs that are easy to understand, and a steadfast focus on solar power and ethics based in renewable energy.  Good Energy helpline staff are waiting to help you make the switch to a greener home – call 0800 254 0000 and find out more.


Ebico are a small firm that does the double – responsible energy supply at fantastic rates for their customers.  They focus at least 37% of their fuel mix on renewable energy, and while a small amount of fossil and nuclear remains in their mix, they offer the best of both worlds in the form of big savings for their loyal customers.  Ebico are a non-business profit body – meaning that unlike some firms, they won’t push for higher rates to keep up with growing demand. Their focus is on saving you money, and, where possible, saving environmental resources.  Call Ebico customer services on 0843 509 2509 to find out more.


There’s perhaps barely an energy firm greener than Ecotricity, which proudly presents itself as the country’s foremost green energy provider.  Their refreshing approach to energy supply means that you don’t just get your electricity from the sun – but you even get it from wind, sea and some power from natural sources – if you don’t know what that is, don’t ask!  With two decades of energy supply behind them, Ecotricity remain an attractive force in the UK solar energy game – and one you should be paying attention to if ethics and environmental awareness is at the top of your list of priorities.  Call Ecotricity helpline staff today on 0843 509 2508 to reach the main switchboard.


Bulb are one of our favourite renewable energy suppliers – particularly as the part they’ve had to play in customers’ lives has been extremely well-rewarded with fantastic scores on public websites.  They are an up-and-coming firm still, however, with a huge focus on solar energy and its benefits. To learn more about Bulb, why not call them on the Bulb phone number – 0300 30 30 635 to get started.

How do I know if solar energy is right for me?

All of the suppliers we’ve listed here are confident in their missions to offer homes unbeatable energy and rates on the back of endless solar supply.  The sun can generate power until the day it burns out – meaning that all of these firms – regardless of their size or nature – are making a lucrative move to harness what will likely be a bottomless well for years to come.  Finding out if solar energy is right for you is a matter of juggling pros and cons – if you like the idea of solar power, why not consult a supplier who offers simple tariffs and transparent terms? It is well worth consulting our guide and calling around when you get the chance!

Will solar power replace fossil fuels?

The firms listed here certainly hope so.  Coal, oil and gas won’t last forever – meaning that there hasn’t been a better time to start thinking about tapping into environmental reserves that can be actively replenished.  The sun offers the biggest, most lucrative opportunity of them all – and the technology for harnessing this power has crashed in price considerably in recent years. The savings generated by harnessing sun power are passed on to the consumer – meaning that, long term, solar power could provide stiff competition.  Oil and coal are still big business, however – and the nuclear industry is thriving – meaning that, for now, solar power will remain an alternative.

Why not call a solar power energy supplier and make a difference – you’ll be surprised to see what they can offer you for hugely competitive prices and tariffs.