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Ebico Contact Number – 0843 903 3151

Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge.

Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 9am-5pm

Whether you’re a new or existing customer it is easy to get in touch with their call-team by simply locating the relevant Ebico phone number 0843 903 3151. Ebico aren’t the most well known energy supplier in the UK, but they are very unique with their ethical stance on not making profits. T

hey began their journey back in 1998 with the same philosophy that they continue today- offering low-income households the chance to pick up affordable energy.

They currently cater for just over 60,000 customers and they also have a charity known as Ebico Trust. This business are affiliated with none-other than one of the biggest suppliers in the country, SSE. But this doesn’t affect their business model or standpoint, they need a registered supplier and SSE have enabled them to provide this non-profit service thanks to the partnership.and giving them a call.

Their friendly customer service desk is based in Oxfordshire and they’ve been previously praised for providing a helpful service. Their helpline hours are typical UK ones, starting from 8:30am until 5pm. To avoid the rush of phone calls you should try after 11am and find the number that can take you straight through to the member you need.

Call the Ebico Contact Number on 0843 903 3151

Ebico Customer Service – 0800 028 6699

Getting hold of their customer service team has been made simple as our experts diligently pick out all of the telephone numbers you need. All that’s left to do is pick up the phone and get in touch with the operator that you need.

If you need to make an enquiry then the best way to do it is by calling them and in order to save yourself time you’d be best to simply find the number that you need and skip all of the waiting on hold.

Find all of the numbers you need below with complaints, customer service, helpline, technical support and many other lines.

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0800 028 6699
Accounts & Billing 0843 903 3151
New Customers 0300 004 0308
Report a Gas Leak 0800 111 999

Their customer service is known for being helpful and you can find that out from the many Ebico reviews that you’ll find online, including the one from Which. Although they have many customers constantly call throughout the day they still manage to answer all calls and resolve them as quickly as possible.

Reasons to Call

You’re not limited on reasons to call this company but there’s generally typical reasons decide to reach their helplines:

  • To discuss account details
  • Billing enquiries
  • Change account details
  • New customer, looking to switch supplier
  • Ask about prices, plans and tariffs
  • To see who is entitled to the low income energy
  • Repairs
  • Cancel plan
  • Make a complaint

Pre- Payment Meter – 0345 073 7969

There are a bundle of tariffs and plans for consumers including the popular pre-payment meter. This meter requires a card or key that can be topped up at local stores and post offices.

Not every customer likes to pay in the same way and that’s why this company allow you to choose what payment term and method you’d prefer to use.

With the pre-payment method you will be able to put money in as you go meaning you have as much or as little energy as you like depending on what you pay for, they also have emergency credit in case you unexpectedly run out.

Existing customers already know how this tariff works and if you need to get in contact with the Pre-Payment phone line then you can call them on 0345 073 7969. They are open during the typical hours and will answer any questions that you have.

Report a Power Cut

All emergencies, repairs or power cuts can be dealt with over the phone. Although it’s likely your landline will be simultaneously out of action as a consequence of the power cut, you can use your mobile phone to efficiently get through to the team you need.

Ebico have a helpline to help you deal with this unlikely situation, if your area has had a powercut then be sure to inform the supplier of the situation. You can call their specialist powercut number on 0800 458 7689.

Ebico Complaints – 0800 509 2509

If you are looking to register an official complaint then you will need to phone them on 0800 509 2509 and confront them with the issues you are facing. If you are unhappy with the service they will try to combat the situation as quickly as possible. In the unlikely circumstance that you are still unhappy you can then write to them via e-mail on [email protected] or write to Ebico Ltd, PO Box 354, Witney, OX29 7WN.

If they still fail to resolve your problem then you can write or phone again and then take it further with the ombudsman. Be sure to keep hold of your complaints number and all of the previous things that have been discussed during the process.

Technical Help & Support

When attempting to get help and support from their technical team you will be able to easily get hold of their team via phone. Their technical staff are always available to assist you with any energy problems, if you need to fix your Pre-Payment meter, boiler or your smart meter device then you can give them a ring and have instructions told to you over the phone.

If it’s too complicated or they are unable to mend the problem via telephone, you will have an engineer come out to repair or tackle the problem. The trained Ebico technical team can support you with your energy issues and technical errors, but if you are unsure if it warrants a call to the technical support, simply call the customer service and tell them about your enquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of your questions may not require a phone call, as many other customers often wonder about the same things. Find out if your question is one that’s commonly asked by new and existing consumers.

Are SSE associated with this energy company?

Yes- as previously discussed. SSE are the second largest energy supplier in Britain and they are in partnership with Ebico, this allows the company to trade and help them carry out their morale philosophy. They provide to low income households with the help of SSE’s backing.

Do you own part of Ebico?

Capture Energy is a call-forwarding website, we are completely independent and simply help direct you to the phone operator that you require. We break up each department and make it easy for you to find the phone number that you need.

How do I know which Phone number to call?

Often it’s self explanatory with the numerous helplines available here, if you need to make a complain then there should be a complaints number, if you need technical support for a device then call the technical support telephone number.

If it isn’t clear then do not panic- just simply call the general enquiries number and they will put you through to the appropriate line.

What is the Ebico Trust?

Ebico have their own trust and strive to help low-income households get fair prices on their gas and electricity. Any financial surpluses accrued from Ebico Energy is then rightfully put towards the not for profit trust and then helps combat the fuel poverty.

What tariffs are available?

There are so many different tariffs available with pre-payment, fixed and flexible ones all available to enjoy. If you are looking for the best tariff then you should get the details of your current bill in front of you, check your usage and give them a call. Their staff will help you decide the best plan when you call and you can also get an idea for yourself with a lot of their offers available online. Find out what promotions they have on and if you can save money by ordering via their switch line via telephone.

Where to find out more information?

Their website itself is one of the more informative ones and it’s simple to navigate through the entire domain. Although you may prefer to call, there are plenty of the details you need online. Highlight your cursor over Energy Advice and receive energy saving tips or check out their Customer Care which tells you more about their customer service, your online account, warm home discount, making a complaint, Pay as You Go Meters and much more.

Contact via Social Media

In addition to the e-mail address, postal address and collection of phone numbers all on this page, you can also stay tuned to the company via their social channels.

Find them on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on new deals, their call centre and any other information you need to know. Their Facebook has over 3,000 likes and is one way to get in contact, you can easily send them a message via messenger and expect a reply within hours.

You can also use Twitter to send a tweet to their customer service, but the most reliable way is to pick up the phone, decipher through the most relevant numbers on this page and give them a call.

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