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Ecotricity Contact Number – 0843 903 3135

Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge.

Opening Times

Monday-Thursday 8:30am-7pm

Friday 8:30am-6pm

Saturday 9am-4pm

If you are trying to locate the best Ecotricity contact number, you’re in the right place. Our team dig out all of the most relevant phone numbers for this energy company and make it easy for you to get in contact with the personnel that you need. We are strictly an independent call-forwarding service that have no association with the company, we literally find a number or helpline that could support you and provide it right here. If you are looking for the Ecotricity Contact Number you can call 0843 903 3135.

Ecotricity Contact Number - 08439033135This popular company are known for being a green energy supplier and are one of the first behind that movement.

The supplier are also recognised for teaming up with The Vegan Society and have been officially certified by the organisation.

Animal farming has been under recent scrutiny for a list of reasons and one of them is due to the fact that it creates extensive damage on the environment.

The self pro-claimed first green energy company was formed back in 1995 and over the years they have managed to accrue exponential growth that subsequently has enabled much of their energy source to be themselves. That’s right- they have 70 megawatts of power sourced from their very own windfarms.

They’ve been praised in the past for their friendly customer service and how pleasant it is to speak to their members and boast the lowest number of complaints for customer service. There’s a very different feeling to this energy company and they seem a complete contrast to the Big Six, their call centre is based Stroud, Gloucestershire and although they have a small team to deal with the volume of calls, it always seems beneficial to reach a UK centre that can instantly deal with any potential issues.

More About Ecotricity

The gas and electricity company have been around since the 1990s and even claim to be the first green energy electricity company and are continuing to expand their wind generating energy as we speak.

They have won accolades for being the best sustainable energy on the market and continue to develop their service. With the company being so big and enjoying a rich history it can be hard to navigate through their website, never mind their call centre and that’s why you may wish to find the care number that you need before getting through to their main desk.

Find the Ecotricity customer service number here and enjoy their friendly staff as they help you switch energy, resolve any problems or log a complaint.

Reasons to Call

Despite a small amount of employees answering calls, they still have a large amount of people getting in contact. This is natural for a business providing such a good service but it can most certainly get frustrating and that’s why it’s worth finding the Ecotricity number that you need.

Many customers are calling for similar reasons, such as:

  • Enquiring about your current account
  • Bill details
  • Changing tariff
  • More information on renewable energy
  • Cancelling current plan
  • How to complain
  • Find out more on their business scheme
  • More information on their home plans

You are not strictly limited to the above reasons but it gives you a guide on reasons to call their helpline. Their team will do their best to help you and answer all questions that you may have. Moreover, you should take a look through their website and try to get any information you from there first, this could help you avoid making unnecessary phone calls.

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0345 555 7100 or 0843 903 3135
Moving Home 0345 555 7500
PAYG 0345 555 7500
Payment Line 0843 903 3135
Switch to Ecotricity 0843 903 3135 or 0808 123 0123

How to Make a Complaint

If for any reason you have a complaint then you can easily get in touch with them via telephone, all you need is the official Ecotricity complaints phone number – 0843 903 3135.

The first step you should take is over the phone, tell the customer services about your problem and if it isn’t resolved then escalate the issue. You can do this by taking it direct to the complaints team who will try their utmost to solve any issues as quickly as possible.

If you are still unsatisfied then you can try writing to them at Ecotricity Group Limited, Lion House, Rowcroft, Stroud, Gloucester, GL5 3BY. If that’s still to no avail then it may be time to contact the official energy ombudsman or seek citizen’s advice.

The Tariffs

Many customers linger around the company’s website and phoneline trying to unearth the finest tariff gems available, that’s probably the best way to go about it too.

Accumulate all of your favourite tariffs from their website and once you have an idea give the Ecotricity telephone number a call. Their team will help you switch energy supplier or simply change the plan you are currently signed up to.

Pay As You Go

This is the go-to tariff for many users and that’s merely due to its simplicity. It is efficient and you can monitor the energy usage with ease, if you prefer this type of payment method then it is the tariff for you. Collect your key or card and top that up each time it is running low. If you have any queries on your Pay As You Go plan then call 08000 302 302 or 0843 903 3135.

Your Home

The greenest energy company in Britain are recognised for their ethical stance and how they always charge fairly. That means you can rest assured when switching to Ecotricity, give them a call to find out what plans and tariffs they have especially for your home including the energy saver.

Business Scheme

They excel in this area with plenty of business energy schemes. There’s not one tariff that is better than another, it is more about matching the deal to your needs. Find offers for small and micro businesses, large businesses and more. You can even get on-site wind energy creating your sustainable energy supply, find out more calling them on 0345 600 1994 or you can e-mail on [email protected].


The feed-In tariff is a government scheme offering microticity for all customers who wish to make their own electricity. You can do this one of four ways, wind generated, solar, hydro or through geothermal energy.

Call them about their tariffs for more information, but please note, to sign-up to the Ecotricity feed in tariff you will need to take the following four steps:

  1. You will need to choose out of the different energy options and weigh up whether solar, hydro or other energy generating methods will benefit you. You can use the Ecotricity helpline to assist you on this.
  2. Choose the installer, you should look for somebody who is officially OFGEM registered.
  3. Install your system, this is fairly easy and your installer can answer any questions that you may have.
  4. Sign up to Microticity online and the company will take care of the rest!

If you need further detail or your system is over 50kw then e-mail [email protected].

Additional Ways to Contact

Social Media




Ecotricity Group Limited,

Lion House, Rowcroft,

Stroud, Gloucester,


Frequently Asked Questions

What time are the phone lines open until?

There’s a large window open to contact their customer service desk with long hours throughout the week. You can call them for near 12 hours a day during in the week, with Monday to Thursday having hours of 8:30am til 7pm, Friday 8:30am till 6pm and on a Saturday they’re open from 9am until 4pm.

What number should I call?

Find the number that matches what you are enquiring about, there’s a range of numbers depending on your request. If you’re unsure then why not call with a general enquiry and wait to be put through to the member of staff that you need. It’s best to search through all of the phone numbers in order to cut out the hold time and all of the waiting around.

How green are Ecotricity?

There’s only one way to find out how green a company is, when it comes to their energy supply and that’s by taking a look at the fuel mix. Luckily, this dedicated company are true to their morales and have certainly displayed that in this case. They use 100% renewable energy and no nuclear, gas or coal.

What is the Ecotricity Refer a Friend Offer?

If you refer a friend you’ll be rewarded in vouchers, some have even gained as much as £4000 in referral vouchers. How does it work? You retrieve your refer a friend code and give that to your friend, in person or via social media. Once they have switched to this energy company you will both receive a voucher of your choice.

How can I switch to Ecotricity?

It’s easy, just call their customer services and enquire about switching. You will be able to get a quote over the phone too- so keep any relevant details on you such as your current bills, current energy supplier and address. An adviser can then talk your through the process and enlighten you on some of the latest tariffs that are available.

Submitting a meter reading?

If you need information on submitting a reading then login and access your account or simply give them a call and request more details about submitting a meter reading for your home.

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