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EDF Energy Contact Number – 0843 903 3145

Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 8am–8pm

Saturday 8am–2pm

As one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK, they have a multitude of helpdesks and contact numbers, our team ensure that customers like yourself can get hold of the relevant personnel. Capture Energy is here to assist you and we do that by simply helping you find what you are looking for and forwarding your calls to the appropriate experts.

If you have a general enquiry, need to make a complaint or want to browse your tariff options then find the EDF Energy contact number that you need on this page and get in touch.

This energy supplier are one of the six most powerful energy suppliers known as The Big Six, a group that comprises of the largest energy companies in Britain. The others are British Gas, Scottish Power, SSE, Npower and E.ON. They currently serve around six million homes and are a French owned business that has been created through mergers and acquisitions, they are also the biggest producer of electricity.

How Good is EDF Energy?

Huge in size and very appealing for some of their plans and price promises, many customers have been switching energy suppliers for this French owned company within the last year. They are accountable for around a fifth of the nation’s electricity needs and are the largest supplier by volume. It is also the self-proclaimed largest producer of low carbon electricity. It’s generally a good energy company that rate amongst many other top suppliers with prices that neither stand out for being cheap or expensive and many of the reviews online are mixed. The one standout point is that they have received plenty of complaints in their time, if you are looking to make a call then get in touch with the complaints department via the numbers you find on this page.

What is the EDF fuel mix?

  • 64.3% nuclear
  • 14.5% coal
  • 12.3 renewables
  • 8.6% gas
  • 0.3% other

The above information was conducted in January 2017.

EDF Energy Telephone Numbers

With millions of customers trusting in this reputable company it’s likely to receive plenty of general enquiries. That’s why our website could save you a lot of time, find the phone number that you need below and get in contact with the correct staff members. Use our forwarding website to help you swiftly reach the department you need and resolve any potential issues or questions that you may have about your service.

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0843 903 3145
Billing & Accounts 0800 056 7777
Automated Payment Line 0800 015 1736
Lost Prepayment Card 0800 015 1733
Business Customer Service 0800 096 2255
Complaints 0800 051 1643

EDF Energy Customer Services

Call the EDF Phone Number on 0843 903 3145You can contact their customer service team by simply calling 0843 903 3145 and they will put you in touch with the switchboard if you are unsure on which one to get in contact with. If you have queries about your account, wish to alter personal details or you have been charged too much on your account then simply call the above number.

Their trained team will do their utmost to assist you on all questions but if you have any idea of which department you wish to reach then cut out the middle man and get hold of them directly using our service.

Calling Their Departments

There’s an abundance of different departments for each query, finding the correct number is no longer difficult- thanks to our dedicated team. With the multi-faceted staff and experts at this energy company it was generally difficult to find the correct person and call holding times were high, but you can now directly reach the helpdesk you need.

There’s a number of different telephone numbers and people to get in touch with and it’s obviously dependent on the issue that you have. If you are looking to switch to EDF Energy, enquire about tariffs, get a smart meter, change details or make a complaint then you can reach a member of staff trained to help you.

Check out the departments that include complaints, International helpline, direct debits, automated billing, prepayment meter, gas emergencies, business services, commercial, electricity emergencies and more.

Why Should I Call EDF Energy?

There’s more than one reason to call EDF Energy and if you do have a question of any nature then that’s a good enough cause to call them. Some of the many different reasons to call this energy supplier are listed below:

  • To discuss the different energy tariffs – 0800 096 4063
  • Asking about your current deal and details – 0800 056 7777
  • Call for an emergency electricity or gas engineer – 0800 096 9000
  • Boiler replacements and issues – 01444 442 882
  • Repairs on heating – 01444 442 882
  • To make a complaint – 0800 051 1643
  • Information for homeowners – 0843 903 3145
  • Having smart meters installed – visit website here
  • Energy saving and other energy enquiries – 0843 903 3145
  • Getting renewable energy – 0843 903 3145
  • General questions – 0800 056 7777
  • Billing details or how to log in online – 0800 056 7777

These aren’t the only reasons to get in touch with a member of staff, there are plenty of elements and it’s likely there’s a department that specialises in answering your call. So find the number that most suits the cause of the call and get in contact today. If you’re still unsure on which phone number that you should be calling then why not phone the customer service desk or general enquiries number, they can then resolve your question or at least put you in touch with somebody that can.

How to Join EDF

There are a bundle of specialising companies that help you transition from energy supplier to the next, but in general you can cut those people out and go direct to the energy company themselves. If you are looking at changing energy company then get in contact with their switch department. You can call 0800 096 4063 for the correct department and you’ll be able to freely compare prices of deals and tariffs with the assistance of their expertise. It’s simple to join and you’ll be able to do it easily with help from their staff.


There’s many commonly asked questions in regards to this company and it’s likely that yours has been answered before, so it could be worth looking through the list of FAQs before calling one of their numbers.

How to pay EDF Energy online?

You can pay by Direct Debit and have your monthly amount automatically leave your account. If you wish to change the amount then click here and sign-in. How you pay your bill will be dependent on one type of tariff you have, there’s a number of different tariffs and ways to pay including pre-payment meters, cash, post and energy cards.

If you have an energy card then you can pay by:

  • Going into the post office with your card
  • Visiting Payzone outlets and paying onto your card
  • Find the closest PayPoint outlets

If you wish to pay by cash, then you can do so by following the above, but you can also send your cheque, banker’s draft or postal orders to:

Payment Processing

PO Box 140



You can also login to your online account and check any changes, bill breakdowns or ways to pay an amount that you owe.

What is an Energy Card?

An Energy Card is a solution to easy payments and a simple way to monitor your energy usage. You can use it at a PayPoint, PayZone or Post Office, you simply put money onto it when and as you need. You can put as much or as little as you like on the card, with minimum payments of £1.

How to use the Energy Card:

  • When you electricity or gas expires, visit your local PayPoint, PayZone or Post Office
  • Tell them how much you wish to put onto the card
  • Hand over the money via cash or debit card then wait for the process and await your receipt
  • Take your card and keep the receipt
  • You can then use the card on your return home

How to cancel an account?

Once you join you’ll be in a ‘Cooling’ period which enables you to cancel at any time within the first 14 days. You can call them on 0800 101 5188, fill in a form or e-mail them at [email protected].

If you’ve surpassed the cooling time period and wish to cancel your plan, then this depends on the contract. You should firstly contact them with any issues you have, if it’s not resolved then phone to cancel via their specific EDF Energy cancellation phone number.

What does EDF stand for?

It’s probably not what you expected, but remembering that this company is French, the EDF stands for Electricite de France.

How to contact EDF Energy?

It’s simple- if you haven’t already realised then you may have noticed that there’s a range of different sections throughout the company that you can get hold of and although there’s e-mail addresses and staff to speak to online you can also get hold of them by phone. Find the number you need here and then get in touch with your enquiry.

What is the EDF Energy Which Review?

If you aren’t a current member and are looking at joining then you may have looked for reviews. One that’s mentioned a lot is the Which review, this company brandish numerous reviews on various industries. You can look at their independent reviews although there are many others.

What are the energy prices?

If you’re wondering about different energy prices, tariffs and ways to pay then it’s a little more complex than finding out online. Although you can get the general consensus and find an idea of what type of deal would cater best for your needs, you should get in touch via the EDF contact number and ask more questions. Their experts can the be at hand to answer your questions and give you tips on saving money on your energy plus they may even have some energy efficiency tips for you and your household.

Who owns EDF Energy?

Although dependent on your current tariff and contract, the answer is usually yes. It requires talking to their experts, so give them a call for instant answers and find out more. You can ask about other tariffs and change it to suit you.

Are EDF part of the Big Six?

It’s a subsidiary and is owned by the French Government. It has accumulated UK owned companies in its time and became a company back in 2004. They began in 1946 and became one of Britain’s big six in the 90’s, since then they have continued their reign and dominate much of the energy market.

How to Make a Complaint

This company try to please all their customers but with such a huge amount of clientele it’s natural for their to be some complaints and that’s why there’s a department for it. If you are looking to complain then follow their procedure:

  • Step 1 requires contacting them with your complaint and making the company aware of any potential issues you may have. You can call them on the complaints number from Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm, e-mail at [email protected] or post to FREEPOST: EDF ENERGY – PLYMOUTH.
  • If you’re issue isn’t rectified then get in touch with your reference number and ask for it to be reviewed, you can e-mail their internal reviewer on [email protected]  or speak to the Citizens Advice.
  • The third step is to get in touch with the ombudsman and it’s likely that you will receive an apology, explanation, compensation or practical action upon review of the situation.

Additional Contact Details

You’re not short of contact numbers with a heap of helpline numbers all available on this page ensuring that you reach your desired member of staff, but phoning their company isn’t the only way to get hold of them. You can see many e-mail addresses available for complaints and other situations that may arise plus you can write to them too. You can also visit their official website and use their chat function to speak to their team in real time, get instant answers and help from their chat feature.

If you are tech savvy you can also contact their customer service team via Facebook or Twitter.

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