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EON Contact Number – 0843 903 3154

Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge.

Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-6pm

Call the EON Contact Number on 0843 903 3154E.ON is one of the biggest UK energy suppliers and is known for being one of the six main companies. As part of the Big Six Energy Companies they are one of the most recognised names in the industry, the subsidiary was formerly known as Powergen and now provides over seven million homes with energy.

They are the biggest investor owned company to provide gas and power and has constantly redeveloped and changed since its introduction in the late 80s. If you are looking for the EON Contact Number you can reach the customer service team on – 0843 903 3154.

With the sheer magnitude of the company and how many homes they are responsible for, it’s only right that they host a number of departments to cater for different customer enquiries. Here, our team provide you with a full line-up of EON contact numbers that could assist you and this way you eliminate the waiting time.

Avoid being put on hold or reaching the incorrect switchboard, save time and money with our call service, despite having no affiliation with companies, we have experts that help you reach the person you need. If you need to make a complaint, change your tariff, alter personal details on the account or just have general enquiries then you can get in touch with the department that you need with our help, find the number here and resolve your issue right away.

More About E.ON

This service provider originates from Germany and despite being based in Essen, they are one of the top six energy suppliers in Britain providing to millions of homes nationwide. The forming of this venture started in 2000 as a result of VEBA and VIAG merging together, they then became Powergen in 2002 catering for the UK market. Since then a lot has changed, including the name. They’ve had plenty of investors on board throughout their time and currently have multi-millions worth of assets. They’re one of the most profitable of the Big Six but have recently closed down one of their main customer service call centres resulting in the loss of around 600 jobs. You’re calls can still be easily answered to but it makes a big difference when being able to plug directly into the desk that you need.

Getting in Contact with E.ON Customer Services – 0345 052 0000

As you attempt to reach the desired experts that you require, it’s key to have a look through the different numbers that are available, luckily for you we have a team that specialise in unravelling all of the most-sought after and important phone numbers. This means that you need to simply browse the table below and find the one that’s most suited to your enquiry. Find complaint numbers, helpline desks and other telephone numbers for EON.

Department Contact Number
General Enquires 0843 903 3154
Accounts & Billing 0345 052 0000
Pre-payment Meters 0345 303 3040
New Customer 0843 903 3154
Complaints 0345 052 0000
Business Enquiries 0333 202 4586

What Can I Phone For?

There are many different reasons that customers phone this energy company and they’re well equipped to deal with all calls regardless whether you are a new or existing customer. If you have general enquiries or something a little more precise then call the EON number. You can phone EON with any of the following enquiries:

  • Addressing the current energy plan that you are on – 0843 903 3154
  • To speak about renewing or changing your tariff – 0345 052 0000
  • Moving home – 0843 903 3154
  • Request a one-off repair – 0345 052 0000
  • Have your boiler replaced by their engineer – 0345 052 0000
  • Other repairs on heating etc – 0345 052 0000
  • Transferring or cancelling your account – 0345 052 0000
  • Smart meters – 0345 366 5976
  • Pre-payment Meter – 0345 303 3040
  • Saving energy – 0345 052 0000
  • If they do renewable energy – 0843 903 3154
  • How to Complain – 0345 052 0000
  • Billing queries or details on your account – 0843 903 3154
  • Switching to EON Energy – 0345 052 0000
  • Feed in Tariff – 0345 301 4884
  • Gas Emergencies – 0800 111 999
  • Electricity Emergencies – 105

Switching to E.ON Energy

Whether you’re a new customer or an existing one, there’s an easy online process that enables you to change tariffs and browse what else is on offer. When switching energy supplier you can now check the best deal for you with their online tool. Find the best deal for you with their page, enter you address and details to get a quote.

What you need to get a quote or switch supplier:

  • Your address
  • Personal details
  • Usual bill or usage
  • Preferred payment method
  • Whether you’d rather pay monthly, quarterly or as you go

If you are debating switching and wish to receive more information then you may want to speak to their team. They can then gently assist you as you enquire, ask questions and peruse current tariffs or deals available. Find the contact number to help you switch energy supplier and then give them a ring.

How to Switch Energy

One of the preconceived notions when it comes to switching energy supplier is that it is difficult to do, this isn’t necessarily true with some companies making it a breeze to transfer your custom. If you are looking to switch to E.ON then you can browse their website for more information on tariffs and their service as a whole. Although there’s a wealth of details on their website you’re best bet is to pick up the phone and call their personnel, that way your questions can be answered, you can get a quote and you can even join right away.

Switch to EON without any hassle by contacting their switching phoneline and speaking to their experts. The energy company is one that makes transferring your tariff simple, so speak to a member about the plan you are currently on, what you’d like and ask anything that’s on your mind.

Making a Complaint

If you’re wondering how to make a complaint then simply give them a call on their complaints phone number. Although they aim to satisfy all customers the pure size of the company means that this is near impossible, phone them to ask for a resolution. If that doesn’t present itself then you can phone up and complain on their helpline number. Follow the entire process to complain if you have any issues.

Those who are wondering how to make a complaint at E.ON should do the following:

  1. Firstly, you should be looking to speak to their staff about the situation and check it’s not a misunderstanding or whether they can instantly solve the problem
  2. If that comes to no avail then you should contact their Complaints phone number.
  3. If there’s still no joy then get in touch with them via writing, so use their e-mail or postal address. Send your e-mail to EON Customer Services or your letter to Complaints Department, E.ON Customer Service Centre, PO Box 7750, Nottingham, NG1 6WR, United Kingdom.
  1. If they can’t resolve your issue then it’s best to take your complaint further and write to the ombudsman at The Ombudsman Service: Energy, PO Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF, United Kingdom or e-mail to [email protected].

Common Questions

Sometimes a phone call isn’t required with many common questions asked on a daily basis, we answer them here to help you resolve any potential issues. Read on for EON’s frequently asked questions and how we have answered them.

What is the best tariff?

This is one of the most common questions yet it’s one that can’t be answered decisively and that’s because the answer varies from customer to customer. If this is a question that you have then it’s definitely in your interest to call their team. They can advise you on the best tariff and calculate it on your current bill, tariff, address and meter.

When is off peak electricity?

There are options for off peak electricity and many wonder what times are classed as off-peak. Again, you’re best to give them a call as the off-peak times vary depending on the tariff and meter. This can be a cost efficient plan and is well worth researching.

When did EON rewards start?

Their rewards scheme started in recent times and is a way of treating loyal customers. You can now start collecting points and treat yourself to Clubcard points. A year could earn you up to 1,500 reward points by being an E.ON customer.

When are EON installing Smart Meters?

The short answer is now. They are already implementing the qualities of smart meters. These self-reading meters help you stay on top of your bill and easily monitor exactly how much energy you’re using.

What are the benefits of smart meters?

  • There are no more meter readings
  • You’ll be able to enjoy accurate bills
  • You can track usage via the smart display

Do you work for EON?

Due to many consumers asking if we are part of EON or own the company, we’ve decided to break down exactly what this page should do for customers. We are in no way associated with the ownership or running of the company and this website is simply a call-forwarding website that will help you easily get in touch with the operator that you need. Instead of being put on hold or having to go from switchboard to switchboard you can reach the expert you need directly.

How to pay?

There’s various ways to make your payment at this company.

  1. Pay online or use their app and pay through your debit or credit card
  2. Go into a bank or post office and pay by cheque, debit and credit card
  3. Pay by direct debit
  4. Call the number 0345 055 0065 and pay over the phone

How to read your bill?

Those that find the bill complicated can now enjoy the bills from this team as they aim to make them easier to read. If you are still unsure then you can use their ‘Jargon Buster’ that breaks down annual quantity, MSN, MPR, standing charge and much more.

How to make a complaint?

There are steps to making a complaint and if this energy supplier does not resolve it then you should escalate further. To find out more details on how to complain by phone, e-mail or letter then read the section further up.

Where is EON based?

EON is a German company based out of Essen but it has had many call centres around the world including the UK.

Are they easy to call?

With the pure magnitude of the company, there’s a lot of calls and many people call the customer service mainline or general enquiries meaning that they have to be transferred. So in short, no it’s not always easier but that’s where we step in to make your life easier. Calling is now far more simple, just check out the numbers here and find out which number is best for you to call.

What contact number shall I use for E.ON?

Don’t worry if you are unsure, you can use the general enquiries but if you have a specific issue or query then it’s beneficial for you to try to contact the department directly, it will save you time and stress. Scroll through all the numbers on this page and then use one of them.

Contact Details

Many of their contact details are spread around this page with our team highlighting the numbers and departments but you can also write to their postal address, send a message to them via e-mail or visit the official website and use the live chat feature. The easiest way to send an email is to click here, fill in the form and submit your message. You can also send you letter to E.ON Customer Service Centre, PO Box 7750, Nottingham, NG1 6WR, United Kingdom.

Another way of staying up to date and contacting this brand is via social media. The new generation of technology has revolutionised the way we stay updated with news and also get in contact with the big companies. Check out their Facebook and Twitter for regular updates, giveaways and deals that they post up. You will find information on smart meters, new energy tariffs and so much more so it’s worth joining the other half a million who like their Facebook.

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