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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of questions that get asked over and over, that’s why we try to answer many of you enquiries here. Before calling your energy provider, see if you can gain some assistance from these answers.

What is the best energy tariff?

This cannot be conclusively answered and that’s because what’s perfect for one may not be the best choice for another. Some tariffs are made to fit your preference, the size of your family and your home. But her are some example of energy tariffs:

  • The Variable Tariff: Many prefer a variable tariff because of the potential low prices. When oil is cheap you will directly benefit but with that said you are not protected for when oil prices rise. In general you can usually opt out of this type of tariff with easy as they’re not usually fixed.
  • A Fixed Tariff: Unlike the variable option, this tariff is fixed. You will be locked into a contract with a fixed term of 6, 12 and 18 months. You’ll be guaranteed a fixed price and don’t have to worry about the fluctuation of oil prices. You will pay more when the prices are low but it can be worth it for peace of mind.
  • Capped Tariffs: These types of deals can change in price but they’re a hybrid of variable and fixed tariffs. Not quite fixed, but you still won’t have to pay the full price when energy prices rise. This means that you can benefit from low oil prices but won’t have to worry about silly price
  • Pre-Payment Tariffs: One of the more expensive of the tariffs but it gives you the chance to pay beforehand. You can pre-pay and it’s also easy to monitor how much energy you are using. Once it runs out you will be able to use the emergency credit but will then have to top up your card or pen.
  • Green Energy: This option is growing in popularity of late, it gives environmentally conscious individuals the chance to do their bit, if you’d like to enjoy green energy then find some of the companies that use solar or renewable energy. There are lots of different companies that now showcase numerous good energy schemes, find out the company’s fuel mix and see how much sustainable energy your provider uses.

How to switch energy company?

One of the biggest misconceptions about switching energy supplier is that it’s difficult, that usually comes unfounded as many companies work with you to make the whole process smooth.

Firstly you should capitalise on the likes of Uswitch, Money Supermarket and Energy reviews will help you pick from the different suppliers and you can even tailor the search for your needs.

Many providers are used to the switching process and it is something that regularly occurs, it’s a completely normal protocol and is one that can be done nice and easy. Look at different tariff options, speak to a customer rep, use comparison websites and listen to other’s recommendations. Don’t rush into a hasty decision, patience is a virtue. Take a look at all your options and speak to their advisors over the phone.

What number should I call?

Each company will have a page on this website full of information, you will get answers to your energy questions and will also see different phone numbers. Pick the number that most suits your enquiry, if you are looking to switch to the energy company’s service then use their switch number.

The best way to contact my energy company?

Although you will often find a postal address and different e-mail addresses, for the most part, phoning is your best option. You will usually see that their website is full of contact forms and email options but if you’d prefer to speed up the process then give them a ring.

Who are the “Big Six”?

The big six are SSE, Scottish Power, nPower, EON, British Gas and EDF Energy. They were part of the privatisation during Margaret Thatcher’s reign and are known for providing 90% of the UK population with their gas and electricity needs.

Taking a meter reading

Most companies will help you online with meter readings eliminating the need of a phone call.

The best way to take a meter reading is to:

  1. You should always read the numbers from left to right
  2. If the pointer is between two different numbers then take the lower one
  3. It the pointer is on a specific number then take that one down

The meter readings can vary from electric dials to gas, so ensure that you take a look at our provider’s page here.

Choosing the Best Energy Provider

This day and age enables us to do sufficient research before making a decision, we can now utilise review sites such as Trust Pilot, and Money Supermarket. Use all of those sites to get a taste of what they all stand for and then start to enquire.

You will be able to use the energy provider’s official website for more information and find out if they have deals to tailor for your needs. In addition to the Big Six Energy Companies you will also be able to find Ecotricity, Ovo Energy, Flow Energy and Good Energy. Find out what their customer service rating is, their accuracy rating and clarity of information.

How to Get the Best Deal

Getting the best deal is done by thoroughly checking each company, you will need to consider what you need and which business aims at those requirements. If you need a good energy scheme then there are companies that specialise in this sector. You can also choose from fixed, variable, capped and pre-payment offers, so take into account how you’d prefer to pay and how much you are currently paying with your existing provider.

Calling Your Energy Provider

Regardless on the reason of your call, you will be able to find the number you need. Here at Capture Energy we set out to make your job easy with many of these major energy companies not offering you a choice of phone numbers.

We have managed to dig into their details and not only find out more about their tariffs, how to switch energy provider, how to make a complaint and more but you will also be able to find specific phone numbers. Avoid being put on hold and wasting time in your day by finding the exact telephone number or energy helpline that you need.

Need to search for your energy supplier? You can do via our homepage here.