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Green Energy Companies

With fossil fuels few and far between and oil not only increasing in price but simultaneously destroying our planet it helps to know that today we can opt for environmentally conscious companies, not only that but we can also power our own energy with a number of ways that include wind turbines, solar panels and hydro electricity.

What companies have green energy available?

The above companies are just a few of many green energy suppliers but with the movement now becoming prevalent in the UK you can see suppliers such as British Gas, Scottish power and other members of the big six are now getting involved with opportunities to use Solar Photovoltaic and Biomass boilers plus other environmentally friendly ways of creating energy and some that are at least less harmful to the planet.

What is Renewable Energy?

By definition renewable energy is self-explanatory, it’s an energy that can renew without being depleted when used. Common types of renewable energy include that of solar power and wind turbines. It’s energy that is sourced from natural resources such as sunlight, rain and wind. You will also often hear the phrase ‘alternative energy’ this is an alternative power to fossil fuels, meaning it could also be renewable energy or other types, generally it is referring to methods that have less impact on the earth.

Can I Buy Energy from a Specialist Green Energy Company?

We listed above some of the many specialist green power companies that only offer renewable or earth-friendly energy, although there’s bigger companies that offer the same, some customers prefer to opt for a business with complete ethics that only offer this type of energy. To check how much of this energy businesses are using and how much of other methods they are utilising, you can simply type in ‘fuel mix’ and peruse their figures, as they are legally required to provide this information due to the Ofgem regulations.

Is Green Energy more expensive?

It’s likely that powering via green energy could be more expensive but with this approach becoming increasingly popular you can now find competitive prices on the market. Specialist companies are finding ways to make it cheaper and subsequently encouraging consumers to select sustainable energy. If you are looking for the best green energy deal then it’s best to search through all independent and specialist companies as well as mainstream providers.

There are plenty of different tariffs and there’s more than one way to opt for alternative energy. So if you’d like to ask your provider more about this subject then it’s best to give them a call, with some companies not explaining the ins and outs via their website. Unravel the green energy company phone numbers and price up your new supplier or phone your existing company via their contact number to find out if you could switch your tariff.

Can I contact a Green Energy Company?

Yes- we have discussed many of the specialist companies and even list them on our website. With many customers struggling to find a company and speak one to one with them, we have come up with the ultimate solution.

You can now use our call-forwarding service to easily find the exact phone number you need, so if you wish to phone and cancel your current energy tariff then find the cancellation number for you supplier, you can also get through to a department that can switch your tariff to green power or simply call a specialist company to discover more vital details about this type of energy.

Does my Supplier have Renewable Energy?

There’s only one way to find out, ask them! If you’re with one of the mainstream suppliers that are part of the big six, then you may be wondering whether there’s renewable energy available- as energy develops and people are becoming more conscious to this fact, it seems as though even the big companies are now putting tariffs in place. So take a look through your supplier’s website and if you can’t find the information you need then it’s worth giving them a call. Phone their tariff’s department or find a helpline number that you could use.

How to Generate your Own Energy

With all this talk of renewable and sustainable energy some might wonder just how this is possible. We previously mentioned how there’s solar power, wind turbines and hydropower, but how do they work? Before building your own energy, be sure that you have planning permission with your local authority, it’s not always required but it is best to be on the safe side.

Wind Turbine

To install a wind turbine it’s likely that you will need planning permission, if you’re familiar with the contraption, as many are, then you realise that they’re not always small.

  • Work out how much energy you need and how to get the appropriate size
  • Will you be plugged into the National grid?
  • What type of wind turbine will you build, a home-mounted one or free-standing?

Many potential users are encouraged to do some research, even though it’s not mandatory to fit it yourself and there are contactors, to gauge the best price it is beneficial to thoroughly look through this option first.

Solar Power

This theory has made exponential growth in recent years, it’s no longer rare to see homes with solar panels on the top of their building and the good news is that they’re no longer eyesores. Decades ago, they were expensive, bulky and didn’t generate much power. These days you can buy slimline materials that are sleek and generate plenty of power, some even sell it back to the provider. Call or e-mail your supplier to find out details, because there’s different options available with some people opting for just 50% of the electricity needs via solar panels.

Take the following into account:

  • How much space do you have? Find out how many panels your roof can cater for and then use the space efficiently.
  • Angle of your roof? Believe it or not this can be important, facing them south at a 35 degree angle will reap the most reward.
  • Eliminate Obstacles- If you have solar panels and a tree casting a huge shadow then you’re not going to get the full benefit, so find out how you should best prepare. If you are having worries about setting up your solar panel then find the green energy companies telephone numbers and ask more questions.

Hydro Electricity

This has fast become one of the most effective ways to embrace green energy. It’s often referred to as “MicroHydro” and has many advantages of other techniques with it flowing 24 hours a day without any droughts. The downfall is that many can’t gain access to this, that’s because flowing water is needed with a two-foot drop, a turbine and more. Here’s a list of exactly what’s required:

  • You’ll need flowing water with at least a two-foot drop from the intake pipe to the turbine
  • A professionally made turbine with alternator and system
  • An intake pip, discharge point where water can then be returned to the stream
  • A power line to your home
  • A power convertor to convert raw power to AC power

It all may seem rather daunting but going off-grid has a lot of reward, so look into the best option for you and find out if it will pay dividends. You can easily find out and your company or new companies are happy to help you just give them a call by contacting one of the green company’s customer services team.

Find the Contact Number for Your Energy Supplier

Rather than wasting time searching for your provider’s number and then arriving at the wrong helpline, find one that caters to what you need. You can get in contact with the specialist department and discover how likely it is that you can accommodate renewable energy. Search through the numbers listed on this site as our team helpfully dig out the appropriate numbers saving you time and stress, find the contact number for your current supplier and get the answers to your questions sooner rather than later.

If you want to speak to a new provider then the companies listed above are some of the green energy providers and many of them solely concentrate on ethical solutions, so if that’s something that’s important to you, give the experts a call and find out what they can do for you. You can get in touch with a green power telephone number and then find out how much it will cost you, if you are able to cater for solar panels or a turbine and how soon it can be installed. Find the Green Energy UK contact number, Ovo phone number or Bulb telephone number all here.