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Npower Contact Number – 0843 903 2113

Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge.

Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-6pm

Npower are part of the renowned Big Six Energy Suppliers, a famous conglomerate of energy providers in the UK. Being a part of these high-end energy companies means that this supplier is responsible for a huge number of homes and their gas and electricity.

If you’re searching for an Npower contact number then you are in the right place, we dig out the numbers you need and make it easy to get in contact with the operator that you need.

Our concept is simple, we aren’t a part of the energy company itself, but we are an independent website that helps you forward your call to the appropriate member of staff, so if you have a complaint, a customer enquiry, or you’re in need of a repair then take a look below for the helpline number that you need.

This household name are well-known for their advertisements on television and radio, but are equally recognised for the service that they provide to millions of homes across Britain. They were founded in 2000 and have since been taken over by German investors. They have over six million customers in the UK and have a variety of tariffs.

Call the NPower Contact Number today on 0843 903 2113

What Tariffs are Available at Npower?

Much like the other Big Six companies this business has a range of different tariffs to suit each household. It’s not as easy as having one set way for every person, it’s better suited for the company to allow customers to choose there own option. All new and existing customers can find different fixed and non-fixed tariffs.

Intelligent Fix October 2018 v2

  • Fixed rates until the end of 2018
  • Direct debit only tariffs
  • Pay monthly
  • Pay quarterly
  • Only £60 exit fee per fuel
  • 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat

Online Fix January 2018

  • Both for gas and electricity
  • Pay upon bill via Direct Debit
  • Fixed rates up until 2018
  • Only £20 as an exit fee per fuel
  • Account management online

Feel Good Fix August 2018

  • Available for either gas or electricity
  • No fee for exiting early
  • Direct debit discount
  • Access to account management online

Standard Variable Tariff

  • A variety of rates
  • Payment can be by direct debit or pre-payment
  • Gas, electricity or both
  • No exit fee if you leave early
  • Pay by your preferred method

Above you can get a taste of what’s on offer but the forever changing line-up of tariffs continuously updates and develops, so if you are looking to switch your tariff or change energy supplier then you should visit their comparison page with a list of tariffs and what they have to offer.

Npower Customer Service – 0800 073 3000

There are many reasons to get in contact with their customer service, if you have general enquiries to ask their team then simply call the main switchboard and let them know what your query is, you can do this by calling their Freephone contact number on 0800 073 3000.

If you have questions on your account or you’re unsure which specific department to get in touch with then it’s best you get hold of their main free phone number.

As you’d expect, this company are split into different departments and have a range of numbers for customers to contact. That’s because of the sheer size of the energy business and the volume of calls they get on a daily basis. Browse through this page to find a suitable number that could save you time, rather than relying on their helpline to transfer your call.

We ensure that you can search for help numbers that go through to the member of staff that you need. If you have questions about your gas and electricity bill, wish to make changes to your account or have general questions then get in touch with the number above or take a look at the list of departments and their numbers below.

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0843 903 2113
Bills & Payment 0800 073 3000
Moving House 0800 316 8558 or 0330 100 8658
Pre-payment Meter 0843 903 2113 or 0800 073 3000
Electricity & Gas Tariffs 0800 073 3000
Complaints 0800 316 9328
Smart Meters 0800 980 9907
Switch to Npower 0808 156 0056

Reasons to Call

This company receives millions of phone calls and it’s expected with them offering their services to the whole of the UK. With them being one of the most recognised gas and electricity companies they are constantly answering to calls.

What reasons are there to call their contact number?

  • Ask more questions about different tariffs
  • Find out more about your current deal and account details
  • Call out for an emergency repair
  • About boiler issues and replacements
  • Making a complaint
  • General information on your home’s energy
  • For information on smart meters, renewable energy and more
  • General questions
  • How to access your account online

Switching Energy Supplier

One of the main reasons people call Npower is to enquire about switching service. If you are looking to switch to one of their tariffs then you can call 0800 156 0056 and learn exactly how easy it is to transfer your current energy supply.

One common worry is that it’s complicated to switch energy company, but this isn’t always true and if you’re genuinely interested in using this business then you should give them a call and find out how you could easily make the transition.

Phone them on the number above, tell them how you wish to join their service and talk to the experts about potential tariffs. You can then reveal how much you’re currently paying and they can talk you through ways of saving. A conversation over the phone generally gets more answers than an e-mail as you can instantly ask what’s on your mind, but do familiarise yourself with some of the deals and agreements on the website before calling.

Save Money and Monitor Your Usage

Some Recent Complaints

Despite being one of the most well known gas and electric companies in the UK, they have been under heavy criticism in recent time. Attracting attention for some of the wrong reasons with their door-to-door sales, big list of complaints and poor rating. It’s worth mentioning that they have served and excelled positively before now and you’d fair well to reserve judgement until speaking to some of their customer service team.

The recent complaints involved their sales team who were accused of misleading some of their customers, since then they have made a conscious effort to ensure this is not the case.

They’re also rated 22nd out of 22 energy companies for service, price and tariffs. Some of the bleak aspects of the company that need mentioning but it has been noted that this powerhouse are on the rise again providing a list of desirable promotions and various tariffs. If you would like to read some of the latest NPower reviews you can do so on the following websites: TrustPilot, Which.

Making a Complaint

Before taking any complaints further or to a third party you will need to get in contact with their team first. It’s an important step and your issue could be rectified immediately. Prior to extending the complaint to an ombudsman and other citizen advice groups you’ll need to get in touch via phone and then have something in writing.

If you have a problem such as overpaying, customer service issues, feel as though you’re being treated unfair, need of repairs then first call the particular department that can help you. From there follow these steps:

  1. Call their Complaints phone number and make a formal complaint to their team who are trained to deal with such issues. You will receive a complaints reference number, be sure to store this safely.


  1. If your issue is still unresolved then it’s time to get it in writing, quote the reference number to ensure they can access the details of your account and the complaint so far. You can then write to them via a letter or speed up the process by e-mailing to [email protected]


  1. If you’re message has still gone unanswered or you feel that the situation has not been appropriately rectified then you can e-mail them at [email protected]


  1. If you still feel unhappy with the outcome then you can take it further via the energy ombudsman.

Frequently Asked Questions

Often, customers phone about a similar enquiry that could probably be answered via a bit of browsing online. That’s why we have felt compelled to compile all of the common questions asked and provide an answer best to our knowledge.

How can I contact technical support?

By calling the general enquiries number you’ll be able to get through to their technical support as their helpline connects you to the correct channels. You can also use 0843 903 2113 and get directly through to the trained technical team.

What are the call centre opening times?

They have extended their call centre opening times making it easier for customers to get in touch. The customer service is open from 8am and 8pm in the week and 8am to 6pm on Saturday. The highest volume of their calls are made between 9am- 11am and then later in the evening after regular work times.

How can I complain?

Above, you’ll see our step by step breakdown of the best way to make a complaint. Before escalating the issue ensure that you try to resolve the problem with a member of the staff over the phone, once that’s done you may wish to write to them.

What are the prices?

A common question yet one that’s not easily answered. It varies for each tariff, it’s best to search their site and then give them a phone call. Be ready to tell them how much you currently pay, your payment method and size of your house.

Contact npower without account number?

If you want to deal with your enquiry as quick as possible then try to have your account number and other details at hand. If that’s not possible then you can still call the telephone number and just give some of your other details. There’s a security protocol that will need to be passed.

How to use emergency credit?

If the meter you’re using is in emergency credit mode then it will stop collecting charges. Once you pay onto your electric key it will then take the emergency charges from your balance. When you enter the card or key press the blue button.

How to pay?

There’s a number of ways to make your payment and this depends on your account and tariff. You wish to pay online then login and use your debit or credit card. If you are unsure how you’re currently paying or wish to change the method then get in touch via phone. You can use the pre-payment key, direct debit or pay over the phone. Choose the best way for you and if you have any issues then call the help team.

Cancelling with Npower

If you want to switch to another company or simply cancel your account then you will need to call them and notify them of this change. This is a case-by-case situation and depends what contract you are currently tied into, so give them a call and find out more information on how to cancel.

Are you connected to Npower?

No, we’re an independent call forwarding website that try to serve all customers by providing the best phone numbers and easiest way to contact them. By doing this millions of callers can skip being put on hold and switched to the wrong department. Find the phone number you need and get put through to the correct personnel.

Contact Npower Online

Contacting their customer services is easy, you can call their main phone number for general enquiries but you can also find the specific number thanks to this page. There’s also other ways to get in touch with their e-mail address- [email protected] If you’d like to stay in touch with them then follow their social media pages. They are sharing updates, giveaways and the latest deals on both their Facebook and Twitter page. They also act as another great way to get in contact with their ultra-responsive times and friendly media staff. You can also have many of your questions answered on their YouTube page with videos that highlight how to move home online, how to read your meters and information on boilers and heating.


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