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Octopus Energy Contact Number – 0843 903 4291

Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge.

Opening Times

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

If you’re in need of the Octopus helpline then you can find the specific number that you need here and get in contact today. We save you the hassle of rummaging through countless numbers, speaking to numerous operators and being passed from pillar to post. Get straight through to the personnel you require by calling the exact department needed.

Those looking to opt outside of the well-known “Big Six” energy companies may wish to delve into what Octopus has to offer as a viable green energy UK company.

Call the Octopus Energy Contact Number today - 0843 903 4291

They are proudly the biggest solar farm investor in the UK and provide complete transparency for all customers, their website breaks down much of their policy as well as their tariffs but it’s possible to get hold of their customer services team for more detail.

Although they’re not the biggest company around-they’re a growing commodity looking to make a difference- Octopus Energy possesses a number of interesting tariffs and lots of features to celebrate.

Our team have worked effortlessly on selecting some of the much-needed numbers for you, you can call them to make complaints, cancel your tariff, change your tariff or simply speak to a member of staff.

Calling Octopus Energy – 0808 164 1088

Speaking to a person on the telephone is a lot easier than chasing e-mails or letters and ensures an instant response.

The Octopus Energy customer service desk will be the first port of call ready to answer all general enquiries, if there’s something a little more pressing then we advise that you find a specific phone number and get hold of the expert within that department.

The call centre staff will be able to answer initial questions and enlighten you on the company, what they stand for and how they source their renewable energy.

Existing customers should take a look for other lines that can help them track the expert required. If you’re a new customer then you can get in touch with the number switch energy number.

As you can see there are different departments available to deal with various needs. In order to avoid long call queues it’s best to seek out the exact phone number rather than waiting to be put through.

Complaints Phone Number – 0843 903 4291

Although Octopus try their hardest to ensure happy customers, there’s obviously a time when you are unable to keep everybody happy. They encourage customers to call and express any concerns but those that wish to log an official complaint can do so on the number provided on this page.


If you want to end your run with this renewable energy company then you will need to phone their cancellation team and ensure that they are aware. It’s very straightforward and only takes a minute.

Pay a Bill – 0808 164 1088

There are many ways to make a payment as we discuss in more detail further down but you can phone the billing telephone number to make a one-off transaction or query a cost.


If you wish to switch to Octopus then call their joining number and their specialists will talk you through the process, what you need, the cost and much more. They make signing up easy to do and it takes no time whatsoever.

Why Call Octopus Energy?

There are no limits on reasons to call their phone line but most commonly customers call to enquire about payments, make complaints or to cancel. Those not yet joined may want more information about switching energy and the process itself.

Some of the most common reasons for calling include:

  • To join Octopus Energy
  • For general enquiries
  • Help managing your online account
  • To learn more about the solar farm and renewable energy
  • Enquire about the different tariffs
  • To make a payment or find out about a bill
  • Make changes to personal details
  • To make a complaint
  • Leave other feedback
  • To cancel your account
  • Find out more about their referral scheme

As you can see from the above, there are lots of reasons to get in contact. If you’re query is not listed above and you cannot find a department that coincides then you should call the main telephone number and ask for assistance.

Joining Octopus Energy

Joining this provider is simple- you can start the process online or call the switching energy phone number. You can also call the main number and they can talk you through the steps and what they have to offer then put you through to the right team to finalise details and change your supply.

Refer a Friend at Octopus Energy

We are seeing a rise in referral schemes amongst new energy companies in the UK and they are working well. Some of the smaller less well known energy companies are hitting the advertising hard and are tackling some of the big six energy companies head on!

Are you happy with the service you receive from Octopus Energy? Refer a friend and get £50! Give them a call today – 0808 164 1088.

How to Make a Complaint

If you’re unhappy with the service received by Octopus Energy then it’s worth getting in touch and leaving them feedback, with them being a highly sought-after provider it is likely that they will try and immediately rectify any issues and try to avoid any complaints.

If you are still unsatisfied it’s easy to make an official complaint by either telephone, e-mail or by letter.

  1. Contact the complaints telephone number and give your feedback, before calling think of ways they could rectify this problem and what action you want taken.
  2. If there is no way in which they can rectify the issue then log an official complaint and write down all details of the call including the reference number.
  3. If you aren’t happy with the solution or dealings over the phone, log all complaints via writing by either e-mailing- [email protected]

or writing a letter to

Octopus Energy Trading Address

33 Holborn, London, EC1N 2HT.

Octopus Energy Office Address

1 Upper James Street, Soho, London W1F 9DE.

For the best reply you should include lots of detail including your back and forth with the complaints teams.

Renewable Energy at Octopus

  • Octopus Energy only use renewable energy or as some know it, “Green Energy”.
  • They fund farms that generate up to 40% of the UK’s renewable energy
  • Renewable energy is generated from solar panels, windmills and although it’s rare marine energy
  • This energy does not pollute the air, isn’t dangerous and is sustainable for the planet


Our frequently asked questions section could help you answer your questions and save you an unnecessary phone call. Read onto see if your query has already been answered below.

How do I Join Octopus Energy?

It’s quite simple- visit them online at or call the numbers that we have left available for you. The customer services team can talk you through everything you need to know or you can directly call the joining team who will do the same, it’s a quick process and they can answer all of your questions. They will give you the quote you need and also deal with your former energy provider.

How can I cancel?

You can call their cancellation number or customer service team to let them know that you’re leaving, there are no hard feelings and they deal with this quickly. You will be notified of any money that you are owed or that you owe by letter or e-mail.

How to complain?

We have discussed ways in which you can make a complaint above. You can do it by calling their specific phone number, writing an e-mail or posting a formal letter. Their complaints team take all queries very serious and if you feel unhappy then you can take things further via an ombudsman.

How to pay?

Making online payments can be done via your account but one of the better ways to ensure payments on time and to also get anything back that you’ve overpaid is to set up a direct debit. Those seeking a one-off payment can call the billing department and make a payment from a debit card.

What do people think about Octopus?

A question that attracts a subjective answer nevertheless it seems that the general consensus is a positive one and we managed to gauge that from their TrustPilot score that averages around 9.7. There are a lot of happy customers around, it seems that they’re doing something right!

How much does it cost?

You can receive a quote very quickly, by either calling or inputting your details online. The price may vary depending on different information and which tariff you select.

More About Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy were established in 2011 where they built their first solar plant. Fast-forward to today and they have 154 solar farms in the UK and another 66 in France. They’re responsible for lots of renewable energy in the country and are proud of the movement, they actually fund some of the biggest solar generation missions in the UK.

Their green tariff really is a green energy tariff with 100% renewable energy and ensures that you’re leaving no carbon footprint. They have listed an assortment of details and facts about their energy sources and tariffs online but if you have queries or questions it’s easy to pick up the phone and call the experts directly.

Their customer service phone number is available here, call them and find out more about their energy and the prices.

If you would like to contact or follow Octopus on Social Media you can find them on the below pages, inboxes are manned 9am to 10pm 7 days a week.



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