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OVO Energy Contact Number – 0843 903 2702

Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge.

Opening Times

Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm

Friday 8am-6pm

Saturday 9am-5pm


Locate the Ovo Energy contact number that you’re looking for as our team expertly unravel the details you need and provide them here. If you have a general enquiry or wish to speak to a specialist member of staff then you may wish to skip past being put on hold, waiting in call queues or being passed from pillar to post.

That’s where we step in- here at Capture Energy we discover all of their phone numbers and make it easy for you to speak to somebody about any enquiries or potential energy issues you may have. We are an independent company that acts as a call-forwarding website, we have no ownership or association as these energy suppliers and simply help you find every phone number you need.

Call the Ovo Energy Contact Number today on 0843 903 2702Ovo Energy is one of the most recognised companies outside of the “Big Six” and is competing for the same market.

The company were formed in 2009 and have already secured over 600,000 customers. Their headquarters are based in Bristol and they have advisors in England who can assist you via phone.

They source their energy from other UK companies and continue to help the economy with their growing business and OVO Energy jobs.

Although they are keen to cater for more and more customers and are currently seeing an influx of 10,000 customers each and every year, this spells out one thing for current customers, longer call times. Although the growing demand says a lot about their energy supply and service it now takes longer to get through to technical support and other desks, so you could gain from finding specific numbers right here.

So what do this company stand for and where do they source their energy from? Their fuel mix has changed somewhat and they now avoid using coal and other unfriendly sources, in-fact much other source is now renewable. They have a fuel mix of 53.1% of renewable energy and 46.9% from natural gas.

Reasons to call OVO Energy – 0117 203 4264

There are many reasons to use the telephone to reach the Ovo experts and it’s usually the best way to get in contact with them. That’s because you can receive instant answers and respond with any new enquiries that you might have. The usual reasons for calling Ovo Energy customer services are:

  • How does Ovo Energy work?
  • How to leave Ovo Energy?
  • More on bill details
  • How to make a payment
  • Phoning about a complaint
  • Checking out their tariffs
  • Their plans and getting quotes
  • Technical support
  • Switching to their supplier

There are numerous reasons to get hold of them via phone and we try to answer many of the questions you have below. But you can call about any enquiries that you may have and their advisors will answer the best they can.

Ovo Energy Advert

One of the reasons they are so recognisable despite being outside of the big six energy companies is because of their famous adverts. They have their Ovo Energy smart energy advert that has often been displayed on national television and Internet videos. They are a highly famous company that have made exponential growth over the years and attracted many new customers.

Ovo Energy Reviews

Before making a switch it’s best to do your research and thankfully that can be done with ease in today’s age. When it comes to their customer service their company is renowned for being one of the best for dealing with customers and on many websites they have scored high- on Trustpilot they have reached 8.9 out of 9 for their service. They score highly throughout many of the different review sites and have been nominated for many awards and energy supplier accolades.

Find energy reviews such as Trustpilot, and Money Supermarket to find out what customers like yourself have said about this company.

Many people have ranked this company as the number one outside of the Big Six Energy Companies and others have even favoured them over the famous group of suppliers.

Their Departments

There are various numbers depending on your enquiry and that’s why it is best to have a browse around this page first. You can find specialists in each category who are trained to resolve your problems immediately.

Scroll through different helplines and telephone numbers that could help you. You can find a customer helpline, new customers number, pay as you go support, pay monthly number and more.

Pick a phone number from below and get through to the operator that you need.

Departments Contact Number
Customer Service 0843 903 2702
Switch to OVO Energy 0800 599 9440
Help with Fuel Poverty 0117 203 4264
Gas Emergency 0800 111 999

Moving Home?

If you are moving home and are concerned about your energy supplier, you can see if you can keep your current tariff or switch with ease. If you want to know more then visit their site and click onto “Moving Home” then type in your postcode.

You can then input your details and get a quote if you are moving into a new address, you will need to specify your preferred payment method, current fuel and how you like to manage your account. It then automatically filters out choices and helps tailor the perfect plan for you. If you’d rather speak to somebody then call their team and tell them that you are moving. They can help you change your account details or they can help you get a quote and make sure switching is made swift and easy.

Their Tariffs – 0843 903 2702

One of the many appeals about taking a tariff with Ovo Energy is that they try to make things as simple as possible, they eliminate much of the jargon and confusing terms that many other companies generally include and try to skip to the most important information.

Rather than making things complicated they try to keep their terms as simple as possible and that’s why you see just four types of tariffs too. You can find Better Energy, 2 Year Fixed, Greener Energy and Simpler Energy with fixed unit rates, green electricity and discounts.

Better Energy

Get fixed unit rates for a year, 33% of your electricity is green energy and if you wish to cancel the contract then the exit fee is only £60. You’ll also receive rewards and discounts.

2 Year Fixed

Get a two year fixed plan with the same privileges as the above tariff, only you can guarantee zero increases for at least 24 months.

Greener Energy

If you’re conscious of your footprint and would like to opt for the greener choice then this tariff is for you. It doesn’t cost much more than the others and you can still embrace a whole year of fixed rates. Your entire energy supply will be powered from green electricity, exit fees are £60 and you also get rewards and discounts.

Simpler Energy

If you would rather not commit then pay a little more but save with the flexible rates. You are not fixed in for any term and don’t have to pay an exit fee either. You still receive all of the privileges too- so if you are interested in any of the tariffs pick up the phone and give them a call.

How to Make a Payment

There are plenty of payment options with pre-payment methods, pay as you go, pay quarterly and other ways to pay. If you’d prefer to pay by cheque then that can be done, you can also choose bank transfers or direct debit.

Many people have used the online payment by simply logging into My Ovo, click on payments, make a top up payment and then click pay now. If you have any problems with payment then get in touch with their staff on the phone and you can make a one-off payment or set up a continuous monthly payment.

The great thing about organising your plan is that you have a lot of say and can choose the best way to pay for you. If you prefer pre-payment, direct debit or other payment methods then get in contact and organise your account over the phone.

Complaining to Ovo Energy

Much like the other energy companies, Ovo have a system in place in the incident of an unhappy customer. It goes without saying that they immediately try to identify and rectify any problems that a consumer may have but if you are unhappy with their service you can easily call their complaints phone number and express your concern.

Their trained team on the other end of the line are there to deal with your problem. If you are given a reference then be sure to note it down and if in the unlikely chance that your issue isn’t resolved you can quote your reference number.

If phoning doesn’t help you solve your energy problem, technical issue or your complaint then write to the company by e-mail or letter. Send your e-mail to [email protected] or letter to OVO Energy, 1 Rivergate, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6ED.

If your issue is still not dealt with or you feel it hasn’t been handled appropriately you can contact Citizen’s advice or your energy ombudsman.


Although calling tends to be the easiest way to get in contact with many companies, you may be able to answer all of your enquiries by simply scrolling through this page. We have included some of the frequently asked questions and answers for you right here.

What number shall I call?

This completely depends on your reason for calling, they have a number of departments ready to deal with your request. If you can find the correct department telephone number then call that, if you are still unsure call their main helpline and they can easily put you through to the switchboard that you need. You will find a complaints phone number, technical support helpline and much more.

Who are Capture Energy?

We have no association or stakes in Ovo, we simply provide an objective analysis on all energy companies and provide the phone numbers that customers need. Dig through all the telephone numbers that you need and skip all the waiting around. Our independent team try to make it as easy as possible for you to locate the number that you need.

How else can I contact Ovo Energy?

There are multiple telephone numbers and contact numbers available but if you’d rather e-mail or write to their team you can do that on the same address that’s referenced in the complaints section. Send your e-mail to [email protected] or write to the following address, 1 Rivergate, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6ED

How green is Ovo Energy?

Their green energy sources outweigh that of other providers, their fuel mix is mentioned above with it being 53.1% to 46.9%. There are differenet tariffs and if you are looking for an ethical choice then you can opt in for the green energy one that has 100% green energy.

How cheap is Ovo Energy?

Take a look through their different plans online and take it further by calling their helpful team. They have a whole department who will help you switch and can provide you with any details that you may need. Phone up and get your quote, you just need previous bills, your postcode and other information.

Are they on social media?

Yes- one of the best ways to stay in the loop with any company in this day and age is via different social outlets. They are on Facebook and Twitter, constantly keep all consumers up to date with their on-goings. Enjoy the latest tariffs, deals and any other offer they may have. You may also see other changes to their policies or companies. Find them on Facebook and join the other 56,000 that are currently following the page. You can message them via the site and expect a reply within an hour, you can also send a tweet. If you need any other information visit and browse their categories for any particulars that you may need.

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