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Scottish Power Contact Number – 0843 903 2114

Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge.

Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8am-10pm
Saturday 8:30am-6pm

If you’re looking for the Scottish Power Contact Number then you’ll find numerous contact numbers right here. We act as an independent call-forwarding website that showcase all of the phone numbers you need and help customers avoid being put on hold. We have no connection and simply try to offer an objective look that will ultimately make your life easier.

This giant energy company are part of a group known as The Big Six, if you live in the UK then you might be familiar with the term. Although it sometimes get misconstrued as the media’s big six, it’s in fact a group of big energy suppliers.

To be more precise- it’s coins the biggest energy companies in the UK and collectively the six suppliers are responsible for over 90% of Britain’s households and their energy. Scottish Power is up there with the best and is recognised via their adverts on television and radio but they also provide for over five million homes.

Call the Scottish Power Contact Number today on 0843 903 2114

Scottish Power Telephone Numbers

We’ve accumulated all of the telephone numbers right here so you don’t have to float from operator to operator, just simply find the number you need and get in touch.

Their highly-trained technicians are on-hand to answer any of your enquiries so if you have a general question, need information about your account or wish to switch to this supplier then give the customer services a call. You can also pick out the particular phone number from the numbers mentioned below and save yourself time and hassle.

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0800 027 0072
Accounts & Billing 0843 903 2114
New Customer 0800 027 0072
National Gas Helpline 0800 111 999

Why Call Scottish Power?

There are many typical reasons that customers call this company and some of the most frequent enquiries are:

  • To give meter details
  • Make a payment or enquire about a refund
  • Moving home
  • About their tariffs
  • Payment method with prepayment and direct debits
  • Switching providers
  • General enquiries
  • Accessing your online account
  • Changing personal details
  • Phoning about a repair that is needed
  • Other

Their Background in Brief

This Scottish energy company were born back in 1990 and were part of the privatisation period in the UK. Since then a lot has happened at this company with complaints about their customer service leading to a ban that prevented them signing up new customers for a short period of time. Since rectifying much of the dismay they now look to reduce prices and offer various deals.

They have even rejected a takeover bid from competitors, E.ON. Since the rumblings and discontent from many in the industry they have since improved their customer service and now have a department for each category.

Calling the Complaints Number – 0800 027 0072

It’s not unusual for companies to have a lot of complaints especially when you take into account how many homes this business caters for, but what really matters is how they solve them. Rather than wasting your time calling the generic contact number and being passed from pillar to post, you can simply get hold of the team you need.

Get in contact with the complaints number and voice your concerns, they’re trained team will be ready to deal with any problems you might have. You can call the Complaints Department on 0800 027 0072.

If you’re wondering exactly how to go about complaining then follow these steps:

  • Firstly, you will need to call the complaints telephone number and let them know what your issue is, they will usually be able to combat any problems and resolve them swiftly.
  • If you’re still unhappy then it may be time to put it in writing. You can write a letter to;

Scottish Power Head Office,
1 Atlantic Quay,
G2 8SP,
United Kingdom

  • If you are still having no luck then you will need to contact the energy ombudsman or citizen’s advice to take further action.

Their Departments

With so many reasons to call their helplines it makes sense to have so many departments. We’ve separated all of their call line experts and ensured that you can get through to the person you need without any issues.

You can find the number to submit your meter reading, gas emergencies number, number to report a power cut, boiler phone number, power connect, tariff enquiries and business numbers. There’s also a switchboard for new customers to get a quote and start switching to this supplier.

Scottish Power Smart Meter

FAQ’s at Scottish Power

There’s many justified reasons to contact their phone numbers and it’s often the best way to get in touch. You will be able to speak instantly and have all of your questions answered without any problems, but before phoning why not see if your question has already been answered? Many consumers ask the same question over and over, so we have tried to answer as many as possible here.

How to log in without account number?

If you wish to access your account online then you will need to know the username and password or request a new one that will be sent to your e-mail address. You can access your account by calling and if you haven’t got your account number handy you’ll be able to answer security questions.

What is the Scottish Power address to send payments?

If you’re paying by cheque then make it payable to Scottish Power and send it to ScottishPower Group, Payment Collection Centre, PO Box 4740, WORTHING, BN11 9LT.

If you wish to pay by direct bank payment then input the following details:

Sort Code- 83-07-06

Account Number- 00674713

Then enter your 11 digit account number usually present on the front of your bill and put in the amount that’s due.

You can also go into banks and use a Giro slip or pay at one of the many PayPoint outlets.

How to read the meter?

It depends on what type of meter you have got, the general Gas Meter with a digital display tells you to read the six numbers on it but don’t include any numbers in red or that come after the decimal point. If you are still unsure then there’s no reason to panic as there’s a lot of help ready for you. Just call their contact number and tell them why you’re struggling to read the number and they will be able to advise you.

Will they lower prices?

An on-going question from many existing and potential consumers is whether the prices will be lowered. There’s been speculation circulating recently and it’s evident that they have some improved tariffs on offer at the moment but whether they will lower their prices in the future is hard to tell. You can ring their team and ask for information but they’ll likely tell you about current tariffs rather than plans for further down the line.

Where is the Scottish Power Call Centre based?

It’s thought that they have a number of call centres with some based in the UK and others in India. In recent times they have been criticised for how they have dealt with phone calls. It’s definitely worth your time searching for the correct phone numbers and saving yourself a job.

How to leave Scottish Power?

If you are looking at cancelling your contract then it might be worth one last phone call to see if you can get a good deal or change to a contract that suits you better.

If you have decided that you will be swapping to a new supplier then you should:

  1. Your new supplier will get in contact with Scottish Power, if your bills are close together then you will get them all in an envelope. If you pay by Direct Debit, do not cancel the transaction. They will need to finalise payments and it also makes refunds easier to return. If you have a prepayment agreement and have withstanding amounts owed then you can agree to transfer the debt to the new energy supplier.
  2. It takes just three weeks for your energy supplier to switch, your reading will then be sent to this company so they can finalise your latest bill. If you are staying on a pre-payment tariff then you’re new provider will send you a card/key.
  3. Within six weeks of switching you will receive your final bill, your gas and electricity could come at different times. You will be asked to pay any debts that are outstanding within 14 days and if you are owed a refund you will get this in your bank account within 14 days. If you have cancelled your direct debit it will then take three weeks to get the refund to you.

What is their service like?

Although in the past it has been criticised that’s usually based on the customer service rather than the energy supply and prices. You can find more reviews and details online by simply searching. But it seems as though their phoneline and switch board has been under scrutiny for some time and they are now reacting to make it a smoother experience. If you can find a number that will put you through to the department that’s needed then we’d recommend that you do that before calling.

Who owns Scottish Power?

They are owned by Iberdrola, a Spanish utility. They still have their headquarters in Glasgow.

Are they part of the ‘Big Six’?

Yes, they are part of the big six energy suppliers who dominated the industry from the 1990s and still continue to be responsible for most of the energy in British homes. You can find out more information of the big six on our page.

Should I switch to Scottish Power?

We simply put you in touch and make it easy to get through to the number that you need. But we also try advising you or answering other questions you may have. We can’t tell you with it’s best for you to switch energy supplier but if you are considering it then it is worth checking out their tariffs and looking at other reviews. If you wish to switch then call the number to switch and find out what deal you could get.

Are E.ON and Scottish Power the same company?

No, they are both part of the big six but they are competitors. The reason so many people ask this is because they almost merged in recent times. E.ON made an attempt to takeover at this energy company but it didn’t happen in the end.

What number shall I call?

There’s many different helplines that you can reach, so just take a scroll through this page and find the one that best suits you. If you have a complaint then call the Complaints number, if you aren’t a customer then use the switch contact number.

Social Media

The best way to get in contact with the department that you need to reach is by calling them, find the correct phone number and give them a phone call today. You’re best to try through the day when they’re not as busy but there are other ways to get in contact too.

You can use their social media accounts as tools to stay updated and also get in contact. Find them on Facebook or Twitter to receive the latest news, deals and potential prizes.

The Facebook page has over 19 thousand people that have ‘liked’ it and they are treated to the news first with tips on saving energy, how to get renewable energy and how to use smart meters to the best of your capability. You can also send them a message via chat, their current status reveals that they reply instantaneously.

Use Twitter to tweet them and get answers to queries you may have, you can also check out other people’s reviews and more. They host different prizes, discounts and other news on their account, so keep an eye out.

If you want tips on reading your meter, getting a smart meter or you have other practical questions then follow and subscribe to their YouTube. They give you easy-to-follow instructions and very useful advice.

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