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Utilita Contact Number – 0843 903 2115

Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge.

Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday 8am-5pm

If you’re looking for the Utilita contact number then scroll through our page and find the most suited number for your needs. The best way to contact your energy provider is via the telephone and it’s best to try and bypass much of the waiting around.

Here at Capture Energy we act as an independent call forwarding company that put you in touch with the worker that you need. We are not associated with these businesses and merely want to help improve the customer experience.

That’s why you’ll find a list of all numbers for each energy company available. Skip the part where you have to speak to the customer service and avoid being put on hold. By simply finding the particular number that you need you’ll be able to speed up the process.

Call The Utilita Contact Number today on 0843 903 2115

Who are Utilita?

This company are renowned for providing pay as you go meters to the public as a way of eliminating fuel poverty. One of their well-known approaches is to eradicate estimated bills and allow all consumers to pay for their energy via a card. They believe that this method gives the power to you and subsequently helps you monitor your usage and expenditure.

Despite the pre-payment methods being associated with outdated tactics they have kept up with the times and even provide a smart meter. This pre-payment meter offers a smart edition and helps you track your energy in much of the same way, what times you are wasting energy and when you are saving the most. They have over ten years experience and their smart meters are a completely free upgrade.

There are many advantages of this service that include being able to understand your bill, keep an eye on your energy usage and not being confused by unnecessary jargon. This alternative to the “Big Six” offer a simplified version of energy, so if you would like to have a smart pay as you go meter installed, call their number to switch energy supplier.

They are celebrated by their customers and have continued to convert new customers despite a relatively short time in the industry. They are proud to have been voted as one of the top five for customer satisfaction on some review websites.


Utilita Phone Numbers – 0843 903 2115

Department Contact Number
Customer Service Blue Card 0330 333 7442
Customer Service Red Card 0330 333 7440
Automated Meter Reading Line 0345 209 3750
Accounts & Payments 0843 903 2115
Billing Blue Card 0330 053 5669
Billing Red Card 0333 015 6662
New Customers 0345 206 8777

Utilita Energy Reviews

The beauty of the modern era is that we can now do sufficient research on big household decisions from the comfort of our home. Whether it’s calling the company helpline for advice or finding out what other customers think online. Use Utilita reviews to your benefit with big independent review websites helping you draw up a fair picture of what they offer. Use the likes of Which and Money Supermarket to find some reviews from existing customers.

Which rate them seventh out of 23 companies and rank them highly for customer service, complaints handling, helping you to save energy and value for money. Before looking to switch to their energy make sure you carry out sufficient research.

How to Switch Energy – 0345 2068 777

Switching energy supplier is easier than you probably think, you can usually phone up and instantly switch. It obviously depends on what contract you are tied into, but to find out you can phone up their number and ask more details on switching. Once you have carried out your research, checked out reviews and looked at the different tariffs you can then find out which one mostly benefits you. They will have staff on hand to help you with your enquiries and you can even get a quote on your new tariff, just find your postcode, previous bills and preferred payment method.

Say you are wondering how to switch, follow these steps:

  1. Phone their helpline number or visit online, choose the tariff and apply online.
  2. Utilita can talk to your current supplier to help you arrange the energy switch.
  3. They will then arrange a visit to your home and install your smart meter.
  4. Then it’s all done- you can enjoy your new in-home display!

How to Complain – 0330 3337 442

Something we rarely need help with, but in this instance it helps to know where to direct our problems. If you are having some issues with your current energy provider simply get hold of their complaints phone number and voice your concerns. Their trained team should deal with your request and take it seriously, if they fail to solve your problem then it could be worth taking it further.

Upon your first complaint, they will log it and give you a reference number, keep hold of this number incase you need to escalate the complaint. When you call again, quote the number. In the incident of negligence you can then take it even further, either write or e-mail. If you still have no luck then you could fare better getting in touch with Citizen’s Advice or the energy ombudsman.

When making a complaint follow these three easy steps:

  1. Call about your problem and if it is not resolved phone the specialist complaints number for Utilita
  2. If it has not been resolved write to:

Hutwood Court, Bournemouth Rd, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh, SO53 3QB

Or e-mail- by filling in the form here.

  1. If it still left unresolved then it’s time to speak to Citizen’s advice or an energy ombudsman by calling 0800 0 234 567.

These three simple steps help you gauge the best way to approach your complaint. So if you are having problems merely follow this process until you are pleased with the outcome.

The Utilita Tariffs – 0345 2068 777

As you know their tariff specialises in pay as you go agreements, this means that you can enjoy a pre-payment meter at your home. Their smart payment meters are free and allow you to keep an eye on how much energy you are using. Find out what tariff type you can sign up for.

They have four tariffs including flagship, basic, premium and economy 7.

The Flagship agreement reduces the cost when you have used a certain amount of gas and electricity. Each tariff has different unit rates and tiers, call them for more information on the four tariffs they offer and find out which one benefits you.

Reasons to Phone

There are a number of reasons to call the Utilita telephone number, so if you are in need of support or simply need your question answered, give them a call.

Some of the usual reasons for phoning include:

  • Switching energy provider
  • Enquiring about their tariffs
  • Requesting more information
  • More details on your bill
  • Cancelling your current contract
  • Making a complaint
  • General enquiries

Commonly Asked Questions

What type of tariffs do Utilita do?

They have four different tariffs as discussed above but they specialise in prepayment methods and for this reason don’t offer other types of payments or offers.

Do they do Direct Debit methods?

No, they manage to offer competitive prices but this is all as a result of their pre-payment methods. Part of their concept is related to this type of tariff and you can only sign up to a Pay As You Go tariff.

Other ways to contact Utilita?

You can call them on one of the above phone numbers or you can write via their Contact Us page or send a letter to Hutwood Court, Bournemouth Rd, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh, SO53 3QB.

Are Capture Energy part of Utilita?

No, we have no association with this energy company. We simply compile all of the best phone numbers for you to contact. We make the whole process easier and enable you to reach the expert you need. We are an independent call service and are in no way part of these energy companies. We offer numbers for most energy companies.

Can I call about my Smart Meter?

Yes, if you have problems or difficulties then their friendly staff can help you solve it. Find out more about their smart meters by sending them an email or calling their customer service.

The best time to call?

Their customer service desk is open for 12 hours in the week and just regular hours during Saturday. Unfortunately you will be unable to get hold of them during a Sunday. Their opening times are 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday and 8am until 5pm on a Saturday. You will benefit from waiting for less busy hours, try between 11am and 2pm for quick call times.

Social Media

As well as having a number of phone numbers for Utilita you can also opt for their social media accounts. Not only do they keep you updated with the latest ongoings, news and deals but you can also reach out to them online too. It is well worth following or liking their accounts with videos and tutorials also being included.

You will also be privy to the different blogs on energy saving and more with their Facebook. This account has over 15,000 people who like it and they are labelled as very responsive. If you send a message they typically respond within an hour. You can also follow their Twitter page and join in the tweets, they also share some informative posts on that platform too.

For any YouTube fanatics they also have a great channel so head over and watch some of their latest videos.

Utilita Email Address

Customer Service: [email protected]

Submit Meter Readings[email protected]

Utilita Address

Hutwood Court

Bournemouth Rd

Chandler’s Ford


SO53 3QB

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