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Utility Warehouse Contact Number – 0843 903 3155

Calls to this number cost 7p / minute plus your network operator’s access charge.

Opening Times

Monday – Friday: 9am – 5.30pm
Saturday: 9am – 4.30pm

Our specialists tirelessly unearth Utility Warehouse contact numbers and help you and all customers completely skip all of the unnecessary waiting. We are an independent company and have no association with any of the energy companies that we list here. Our job is to forward you to the call specialist that you require and that’s why we have found a group of telephone numbers for you to use. If you need to make a complaint, speak to their customer service team or find another telephone number, you are in the right place!

We have captured all of the energy phone numbers you need for Utility Warehouse, making it simple to dig out the contact number you need. Whatever the reason for your call you will be sure to find the number that you are seeking. This well-known company has managed to specialise in a multitude of fields, providing broadband, energy and mobile service.

Call the Utility Warehouse Contact Number on 0843 903 3155

Using Utility Warehouse

With the bundle of numbers that we brandish here you can make use regardless on whether you are an existing customer or not. This utility service began by revolutionising phone calls, they started as Telecom Plus and would reroute calls to make them cheaper for customers. It became a common part of people’s lives and they have now stretched their expertise to help consumers save on energy, mobile services and the internet.

They are currently recognised as one of the biggest multi-utility companies. The London based company began in 2006 as an energy provider and entered an agreement with one of the Big Six energy companies. Npower used to supply gas and electricity to their customers until Utility Warehouse bought back the business.

The self-proclaimed energy company are proud of the heritage and pride themselves on not pushing their service onto others. They don’t advertise and have won multiple awards. Many energy reviews have rated them highly and the likes of Which have recommended them to others. In-fact, 93% of their members said they would recommend the service to a friend.

Utility Warehouse Phone Numbers

There are so many reasons to call such a big company and as they continue to grow, their phone call volume continues to rise. This isn’t a problem but you could benefit by finding the specific number that you need.

Find the helpline that could help you as we list the different phone numbers. Find customer services, technical help and support, the switch number and the number for complaints.

Department Contact Number
Customer Service 0333 777 0777
Accounts & Billing 0843 903 3155
Technical Support 0333 777 0555
Moving Home 0333 777 0888
Overseas Customers +44 20 8955 5557

Why Call This Company?

Although you are not limited to a few reasons to call, there are usually typical reasons to call.

  • Switching energy supplier to Utility Warehouse
  • Checking bill and tariff details
  • Cancelling your current contract with the company
  • Making a complaint
  • Requesting a repair or technical help
  • For general enquiries

How to Complain – 0333 777 0 777

No company is exempt from criticism; as their customer base grows so do the complaints. That’s not to say that the company aren’t worth enjoying, as the Utility Warehouse reviews suggest that they are a great company to be a part of.

If you are having some issues then the best way to contact their customer service desk is by phone. Once you have notified them of your concerns, they should immediately rectify them. If they do not, then you should call their official complaints phone number.

Those that are still unhappy after dealing the official complaints team can take things further, the best way to do this is to keep the reference number. You can then write to them by post:

Member Services

Utility Warehouse

Network HQ

508 Edgware Road

The Hyde

London, NW9 5AB

What Tariffs Can You Join?

As an alternative to the “Big Six” they promise to deliver cheaper prices than those famous energy companies. They give you a new option and guarantee to beat the cheapest tariffs from those six energy companies.

You can pick from feed-in tariffs, fixed, variable and pre-payment. You will also find agreements for all of their premium services. They offer more than just energy with their other services too, so find what suits you and you could even combine them.

They have four simple tariffs and they don’t complicate things. Guarantee savings or find out more by visiting their service page and get a quote. You can also get a quote over the phone, all you need is your current billing details, address and preferred payment methods.

Utility Warehouse Reviews

To touch a little more on their reviews, they have some solid evaluations from all of the top independent reviewers. One of the well-known review companies is Which and Money Supermarket.

Money Supermarket give the company 4.5 stars based on 10,220 reviews in the last year. Many customers have expressed their delight with the dealing of their enquiries and also the savings that are available. It seems that the general consensus is that they are a likable company with a lot to offer.

Their reviews will be based on more than just energy services, so it is worth bearing that in mind. They have mobile services and broadband too, so customers will be rating for all of these different reasons.


One of the most effective ways to solve your problems or enquiries is to use the internet as the magnificent tool that it is, and that’s why you should check our frequently asked questions.

Our company dig out all of the answers for you and make it possible for you to avoid calling.

The best way to get a quote?

There are two ways for potential customers to get a quote, the first one involves visiting their website. Go online, click onto their services page and then select quote. You can also click directly onto “Get Quote” in the top right. Once you have clicked onto the quote option you will be asked to input your postcode. Find your address, pick one of the bundles that appeal to you and reveal other information they ask for, as they try to personalise the quote and offer specifically for your needs.

In addition to their site, you can use their customer service to help you get a quote. Call their team and find a switch phone number to find out what your quote is.

How to use the Utility Warehouse login?

It’s simple- register to their website and login to find details about your account. Paperless billing is becoming popular and so is energy monitoring, you can do the both from your login. Log in to your account and check up on your current tariff. Type in your username and password if you are already signed up to an online account and you can then find more about your tariff, account and more.

Do they have Utility Warehouse Mobile?

Not only do they have a mobile tariff for your services but they also have an app that enables those that are registered to the energy services to monitor energy usage. Manage your account from your mobile whilst on the move with their app and website.

Are Capture Energy associated with Utility Warehouse?

We are in no from owned or associated with this company- we simply act as an independent business and help all customers reach the number they need. We have a list of numbers and our mission is to cut out all the waiting time.

How else can I contact this company?

The most efficient way to get in touch is most certainly via the telephone but you can also write to them via e-mail or post. If you wish to send them an e-mail, send it to them via this page. You will have to click on either new member or existing member for the correct email details.

If you wish to write to them then send it to:

Member Services

Utility Warehouse

Network HQ

508 Edgware Road

The Hyde

London, NW9 5AB

Although you can write a hand-written letter, you will save time by getting in contact via the telephone numbers that are listed on this page.

The best time to call with your energy enquiries?

You can call them on their customer service number throughout the week and even on Saturdays, the weekday opening times are 9am until 5.30pm. Saturday opening times are 9am to 4.30pm. The best time to call is between 11am and 1pm to avoid busy call periods.

How are they different?

An emphasis of their business model and appeal is that they are different to other companies. On the website they have a tab dedicated to this. The reasons listed include:

  • You only get a single bill
  • They’re an award winning service
  • You will save every day
  • They are trusted and recommended by 93% of existing customers
  • You get cashback from your bill
  • They do not advertise

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